Learn how to shield yourself from negative energies

BubbleHow many of you often find yourselves in challenging environments?

Do you have to deal with abusive, aggressive people?

Maybe you have a boss that gets angry easily and you feel like you have to ‘walk on eggshells’ with them. Continue reading

Letting Go Process

letgoWe all hold hurt and pain in our hearts. It is important to become aware of this hurt and pain, it causes sadness.

Notice it. Allow it, there are lessons to learn, but once they are learned we have no need to prolong the suffering.  Why keep scratching the wound until it festers? Gain the wisdom and move on. Continue reading

True, False or Don’t Know?

True, False, Don't Know?What does it take to QUIETEN your inner VOICE?
Sometimes we have to really STOP and notice, we have to listen and say to ourselves: is this true or is this false?
Sometimes we may not even know.

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What Are The Benefits Of Coaching?

InwardComing over to Malaysia I am realising that ‘Life Coaching’ is still not really understood here. I understand that many people do know about it, but it is not something that is widely available. It may even not be a fit within the cultural paradigm.

I decided I would offer up the reasons people come to me for coaching, the benefits working with a trained and certified coach can bring. Most people know that if you want to succeed in any given sport you need to engage a coach. Someone that will support you in being the best you can be. What people may not realise is that I have coached sportsmen and women, teachers, lawyers, and business owners but I know nothing much about their sport, what it is to be a teacher, lawyer or a business owner in their line of business. Continue reading

The Vicious Cycle

Vicious CycleI want to introduce you to a very powerful psychological construct….The Vicious Cycle:

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ForgiveForgiveness is a choice – by your word.

Only a ‘real’ person can forgive. Somebody did something to you, they hurt you badly, they did something unforgivable, yes, and you have a choice. Continue reading

Shadow Effect: Hiding What We Think is Unacceptable to Others

ShadowLet’s take a look at SHADOW.

We all have shadow; the elements of our inner world that we hide from others. The bits, parts, pieces of us that we don’t want others to know about, or see. Continue reading

Generate Tolerance

BeingLiving in Asia is not always easy. Nothing could have prepared me for the difference. The difference in culture, the difference in the people, the difference in weather, roads, driving, service, services, religion, beliefs, education, what’s acceptable, what’s not acceptable, health & safety, 1st world vs. 2nd world….difference. Continue reading

Do You Complain A Lot and Do Nothing About It?

Meaning of LifeWhat is a RACKET?

A constant & persistent complaint, that you engage in, yet do nothing about.

When you are complaining about something, you know the situation; why me? It’s not fair, why can’t my life be different? This really annoys me, he/she is a pain, this place/town/city/country sucks! Continue reading

Your Life. Your Choice.

Your Life. Your Choice.How many times are you hijacked by your past? Things that linger in your memory, past happenings not put to bed….you think you have, but then they creep up on you like shadowy demons and whisper in your ear. Continue reading