Coaching for Anxiety & Fear

I use Thought Field Therapy (TFT)  as a tool when working with clients who suffer phobias and the psychological residue of past traumas that generate anxiety & fear. It links in with my work around life cycles.

Thought Field Therapy is defined as: “…a treatment for psychological disturbances which provides a code that, when applied to a psychological problem an individual is focusing upon, will eliminate perturbations, or root, in the Thought Field, the fundamental cause of all negative emotions. This code is elicited using a causal diagnostic procedure through which the TFT algorithms were developed”

When we think of a particular problem (such as a specific fear) we generate an individual thought field in much the same way as an electrical field is generated around an item of electrical equipment. Put simply, TFT treatments work like opening a combination lock. You may well know all of the numbers, but if you don’t apply them in the correct order, the lock won’t open.

Thought Field Therapy diagnostic procedures not only reveal the correct code, but also the application sequence required for successful treatment. Hence, when the identified energy points are addressed in the correct order most people notice a rapid and dramatic improvement in the way they feel. TFT is a totally unique form of meridian therapy. It is best described as a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system to eliminate the cause of negative emotions. It addresses the specific energy meridian points on the body in a precise and defined sequence.

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