graham keanWhat people say about Graham Kean: 

Graham Kean has been coaching me for almost a year.  I can honestly say that I have experienced a major shift at the deepest level of how I feel about myself, and thus, in the choices I make and the happiness I feel.  I have always had a deep-rooted feeling of being under serving or lesser than other people. This force has been destructive in so many ways, for example; in self-sabotaging things I’ve worked so hard for and wanted so badly.

With Graham’s excellent coaching ability helping me get to the root of my issues, I have literally let go of the darkest shadows that have defined me my whole life. Only now can I see what a huge emotional weight I have been carrying around. I’ve never felt this light and peaceful in my life. I am now more authentic, happier, and for the first time I am feeling unconditional love for, and trust in, myself.

This is quite incredible to me because in all my adult life I have attempted many times to rid myself of these dark shadows through therapy, reading, seminars, workshops and other forms of help, this ‘re-birth’ has only happened through his coaching. Graham was totally committed, caring and skilled.  If you decide to have coaching, I strongly recommend Graham Kean.” ~Entrepreneur, Career Woman and Single Mother, Singapore.


I have just completed my first experience working with a Life Coach. It was so much more than I had expected and I wish I had done it ages ago. It very much transformed the way I’ve thought about, and managed, some critical areas of my life.

Graham is a Master Life Coach and coached professionally in the UK for decades. He’s based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for now! You can see him in person or via Skype. He has clients worldwide.

I very highly recommend Graham if there is something in your life that has been preventing you from moving forward. He expects a strong commitment and he gives back in every way.”  ~Marianna Pascal, Communication Trainer, Singapore & Malaysia.


I first met Graham at a workshop he delivered for the ‘International Women’s Association’ (IWA) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, but first a little background on me: I have been an expat for more than 23 years, travelling around the world with my husband and 2 children. A couple of years back our last child left for University and the “empty nest” really hit me hard, and I felt quite alone during the long days by myself. 

In general I have a hard time approaching people I don’t know, something that came much easier to me earlier in life, as being a parent meant meeting other parents when picking up the kids from school, etc. So during the long days in the first months in Malaysia I started thinking; why is it so hard for me? Why is it that I just can’t go to the tennis club and start playing like other’s can? So, back to Graham….

During the workshop with Graham, and the IWA, he asked us do a series of exercises which involved sharing about ourselves in the group. One was to share your strengths and weaknesses. For some it seemed very easy to list strengths, and more difficult finding, and talking about, their weaknesses. It was, however, the other way around for me. Several other exercises left me with the same picture of myself. Once at home, and thinking about what I had experienced, I came to the conclusion that the problems I was experiencing could be associated with low self-esteem.

So, after spending a couple of days building sufficient courage, I contacted Graham. He had impacted me in the workshop, and I felt that his coaching could help me with my situation. I signed up for 16 sessions.

Working with Graham has been such a positive experience:

  • He helped me to rediscover my strengths.
  • Deal with my weaknesses, making me realise that some of what I saw as weaknesses were actually strengths.
  • I was, when we started the sessions, what many would categorise as “a pleaser”. Something that didn’t do me a lot of good, as I didn’t get a lot in return. Worse was that I did not see this. I did not realise that I was setting my own desires aside to please others.
  • Graham helped me realise that there needs to be a balance in giving and receiving. He helped me see the situations where it occurs most and he taught me that it is perfectly OK to say: “No thank you, I have something else planned.” Something I struggled with before the coaching.
  • Graham helped me think about things, directed me, asked me the right questions and allowed me to eventually come up with the answers. Always making it my solution, making me the owner, and more importantly making the solution be one that was in balance with me, my personality and my values.

I warmly recommend Graham. He made a real difference for me during my time in Malaysia, and now, 3 months into my next “adventure” in Costa Rica, his work with me is still making a difference. For what it’s worth, he will always be my life coach.” ~Jannie Uglvig, Expat Wife (Danish of birth). Living in Costa Rica.


Before I started my journey with Graham I’d been through several months of significant changes in my life ranging from the bereavements of two close family members, moving house (twice), and a complex work project. Individually I would have worked through each of these, but combined they created a significant demand on my attention and time. I realised that it was extremely important for me to focus some time on me, and get things back in order, so contacted Graham for some expert advice and guidance. 

Graham provided the appropriate support as the coaching progressed. This ranged from tools to help provide clarity, perspective and relieve night-time worries, through to enabling self-awareness and ultimately self-management of behaviour drivers such as sub-personalities, and vicious cycle.

Through Graham’s careful coaching and mentoring I feel able to use my new self-knowledge and awareness to my advantage. I have a clear future vision, and understand the key activities and steps that need to be in place to make that vision a reality, as well as techniques for the early identification and management of potential pitfalls. 

Working with Graham has been a very positive experience, and I always left each session feeling upbeat and optimistic. Graham has great insight and humour, and his questions can be challenging to answer – but the maximum benefit is only derived if you invest the time in yourself and are open and honest with your answers.

I heartily recommend Graham as a Master Coach to anyone who is going through times of change, or wants to make and achieve changes in their own lives. 

Thank you Graham, it’s been a pleasure working with you.”  ~Peter Tanner, Head of Supply Chain Advancement – Merck Life Sciences, UK.


I am so excited to tell anyone that has ever thought about online Skype coaching with Graham Kean that it will be the best decision you’ll ever make for yourself! I began working with Graham as my Life Coach last year. It’s one of the best and most important decisions I’ve ever made. As a coach, Graham offers support with positive insightful suggestions to help me think about what I really want in life and how to proceed on my journey.

Graham is kind and compassionate; helping you find the answers to your questions. I had no idea how this process would change my world. I highly recommend him!

Life Mastery by Graham Kean is his wonderful Facebook page that offers uplifting inspirational wisdom. It has always inspired me to think about life and in some cases helped me find answers to life issues through Graham’s thought provoking posts. His coaching is his page in action!

So far so good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”  ~Joy, Laurel, Mississippi, USA.


We want to acknowledge one of our senior trainers: Graham Kean. Graham has been involved with Youth at Risk (now Grit) since the very beginning as a volunteer, member of staff and now as a highly-skilled trainer. He has delivered transformational training to thousands of young people and adults as well as creating, and designing, one of our longest-standing programmes in Knowsley, working to support people into employment. 

Graham has been instrumental in delivering our recent Barnet Mentors programme as well as our Sunderland Carers programme and we know he has been taken into the hearts of many participants across the UK. I have always particularly admired Graham’s honesty, courage, insight and humour – he has a lovely ability to connect with anyone whilst staying authentic to himself – not an easy quality to maintain. 

Graham is now embarking on a new adventure in Malaysia, we will miss him sorely but he will remain always in the Youth at Risk (Grit) heart. From all of us …. Staff, trainers, volunteers and young people…THANK YOU.”  ~Ellie Garraway, Chief Operating Officer – Grit: breakthrough programmes, UK.


Dear Graham. Throughout our coaching sessions, you have helped me to discover many of my strengths, weaknesses and certain unconscious sabotaging patterns, and taught me ways to release them by giving me new perspectives.

This experience has given me positive results in my ability to become more fully self-expressed, have greater clarity, and discernment, which is helping me to evolve, be in alignment with my values and true essence. At this point anything is possible for me, I will continue to effectively apply this knowledge that can only result in better health, fulfillment, empowering authentic relationships, and success within my business.Thank you.  ~Maria Defillo, Insurance Consultant – Defillo Insurance Services, Miami, Florida, USA.


Dear Graham. I wanted to write something publicly and as my time is limited, I go on my own travels to South Africa on Wednesday, I thought I would do it now. Even though it is not goodbye forever, no doubt we will keep in touch, I just want to say; 17 years ago when I first met you on a ‘Youth at Risk’ Programme in Buckinghamshire a lot of people had given up on me, at times, including myself. Over the years you have been someone who I look up to and have always been able to turn to when things didn’t seem as if they were making sense and your words, albeit not all the time you thought I listened, set me in good stead. 

Thank you very much for all your support over the years and thank you for having a massive impact on my life. Big Hugs and all the best for the upcoming new chapter in your life. Gary.”  ~Gary TopleyAlcohol Awareness Specialist, UK.


Graham was recommended to me as a very experienced and empathetic coach to support me with a very specific personal challenge. We worked together for a period of six months. During this time he was able to bring the new perspective that I was looking for. His direct style, his openness, experience and curiosity were a great support, yet sufficiently challenging to make me rethink some of my views and patterns.

I found Graham to be very knowledgeable, passionate about his work yet always deeply caring to ensure a rewarding transformational experience. I very much enjoyed working with Graham and can highly recommend him for your transformational journey.”  ~Steffen Raetzer, Managing Director – Positive Energy Buildings SA, Geneva Area, Switzerland.


Ive commissioned Graham to work with long term unemployed adults on many occasions over the last 12 years. He is much more than a highly skilled coach and trainer! He has a unique way of engaging with people, and is highly focused on supporting them to realise their goals through overcoming often deep-seated barriers. He is fun, dynamic, professional, highly effective and a real asset to anyone. Go hire him!”  ~Tracy Fishwick, Director – Transform Lives Company & Associate Director – Inclusion, North West, UK.


Graham was one of the people who inspired me to become a coach myself. I was lucky enough to have Graham as my coach and trainer. He is a natural coach, deeply empathetic and sensitive to client needs. He is also a strong leader who questions deeply, challenges appropriately and is extremely intuitive and perceptive. Anyone who works with Graham is bound to make amazing breakthroughs. I recommend Graham as a coach, trainer and facilitator wholeheartedly”  ~Alison Davis MA, CV CC, IAC MMC, Coach & Facilitator – Positive Energy Coaching, South of France.


I have worked with Graham to deliver a ‘Coaching for Success’ schools programme and I have also attended other training days with Graham. Graham is highly experienced in his field, he has no problems in holding and engaging a large group, his approach is thorough and spontaneous allowing the participants to engage and explore freely and at the same time keeping control and maintaining clear boundaries. Graham’s sincerity and warmth shines through which is why he produces such great results!”  ~I-Lan Hamilton, Personal Performance Life Coach and Personal Development Trainer, UK.


Graham has a Bifocal context, impressive and intuitive professional skills built upon a really good heart and a passion for people”  ~Roger Evans, Co-Founder & Director - The Institute Of Psychosynthesis, London, UK.


Graham is a real talent both as a coach and a trainer. Youth at Risk (now Grit: breakthrough programmes) is a national provider of high quality transformational work with young people, and those who support them, in this context I can testify to Graham’s consistent excellence. I have no hesitation in recommending him. Be prepared for a dynamic passionate professional to engage in either group or individual transformation. Graham delivers and gets results through his skill and belief in human potential”  ~Neil Wragg MBE, Chief Executive – Grit: breakthrough programmes, UK.


Graham is an extraordinarily gifted trainer. His unique talent is supported by his ability to blend light hearted humour, with clarity of purpose, passionate enthusiasm, tempered with a well honed trainer tool kit, that, when combined, makes for an inspiring leader who has the capability of reaching the hearts and minds of participants, calling them out to emerge more powerful and confident than they previously experienced themselves to be. Graham is always a delight to work with, a rare and invaluable resource and an approachable and trusted facilitation partner”  ~Jeannie Horsfield, Managing Director - Stepping Stones UK.


I love working with Graham. It is rare to find a trainer and coach so genuinely committed to the personal development and happiness of others. I’ve thought a great deal about the possible secrets of his success. And for me it is rooted in a simple but powerful principle: he always brings the whole of himself to work….. passionate, knowledgeable, insightful, and fun. All these qualities, and many more, make learning and working with Graham: a rewarding, challenging and transformational experience. It doesn’t get better than that”  ~Janeena Sims, Director - Park Sims Associates, UK.


With a unique style and ability to connect with the people he works with, Graham is the best coach that I have had the pleasure of working with. He has the ability to impact the challenging aspects of a person’s life without compromising and yielding to confrontation. Where other coaches may stop, having reached their own limitations, Graham continues to guide and support. This is achieved whilst still maintaining respect, compassion and commitment to the personal transformation of everyone he works with. Combine this with the other skills and qualifications that Graham possesses and you have a formidable and valuable asset who has significant impact on people from all backgrounds, from private or public sectors”  ~Paul Green, Business Expert & Author – NN coNNect, UK.