Life and Career Transition Coaching- Expat Coaching Singapore

Life and Career Transition Coaching- Expat Coaching Singapore

As an expat living in Asia I know well the difficulties when one moves from one country to another. I have been a Life Coach for many years and coached hundreds of people impacting issues and difficulties, confidence and progression with people all over the world. Moving to Asia is one of the hardest transitions I have ever had to make. It can be any major life change, but making a move and stepping outside your comfort zone is tough.

There is a call for support in this area so I developed Life and Career Transition Coaching for expats in Singapore (Expat Coaching Singapore). Every change in life is situational, every transition is psychological. All transitions begin with an ending, this takes time to deal with. Then there is a new beginning and with this can come fear, anxiety, loss and isolation.

“Wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. By walking one makes the path, and upon glancing behind one sees the track that never will be trod again.”

~Antonio Machado (Poet)

Expat Coaching Singapore

Here is a testimonial from one of my expat clients in Singapore who completed her Life and Career Transition Coaching:

I found Graham when I was completely lost. We had moved to Singapore for my husband’s job. In Singapore what I discovered instead of ideas and options was frightening emptiness. I found that I did not have a clue who I was – or wanted to be – at all. I had no idea what I wanted to try out, even what I might be interested in. I was sad, tired and demotivated. Graham started finding the root causes for my unhappiness and behaviours. It felt like a very systematic approach to me, one step after another and Graham always made sure that we really nailed down the essence of each step. It was amazing how I suddenly felt like I was actually moving forward! I am not sure when I last felt so much self-awareness, I felt like my self again and I’m just at the beginning of this wonderful journey!~Annika, Expat Wife, from Germany.

Get in touch and my Life and Career Transition Coaching (Expat Coaching Singapore) will support you in working through the challenges you are facing so that you don’t have to face them alone. I will support you in creating a lasting plan that will take you into your new life as you bring about change step by step.

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