Graham Kean

Master Coach Graham KeanDuring the progression of my career I found it necessary, and important, to ground my work as a trainer and coach in a psychological and theoretical framework and, therefore, chose an MA programme in Psychosynthesis Psychology which complements, supports and enhances my work as a therapeutic coach.

It took me over seven years to complete the part time programme and go on to graduate in 2003. It was a journey of highs and lows, it was a journey of the soul. It was both personally and spiritually enriching. I developed a deep empathic connection with my fellow human beings as I travelled on this humanistic and transpersonal adventure.

My coaching qualification took me over 4 years and I am now honoured to be a Master Masteries Coach (MMC) with the International Association of Coaching (IAC).

My first career was in Catering Management, Sales and Marketing, and finally Corporate Catering. That all came to an end when the company I was working for, in London, went under and I was made redundant. It was a dark period of my life, I was 32, and I was met by many challenges and many changes that led me into my ‘dark night of the soul’. It was a time that would either make or break me, I picked myself up and made a commitment to move forward and reinvent myself and so began a new phase of my life. It was a journey that led me into my training in Applied Psychosynthesis, Youth at Risk, Coaching Training and Thought Field Therapy training. I was also in therapy myself, over a period of 8 years, with 3 therapists, all as part of my commitment to my personal and spiritual development. I believe that, as a coach, you have to have to explore your own darkness, and come out the other side, before you can take another into their shadows. As Malcolm X said:

“Only those who have experienced a revolution within themselves can reach out effectively to help others”.

I am privileged to have worked with many people from many communities with varied and diverse backgrounds. I am happy to have been able to contribute to the transformation of others and walk with them in their shadows, as they move towards self-realisation, develop self-esteem, confidence and achieve the goals they create for themselves.

I worked for the national charity Youth at Risk, UK (now Grit: breakthrough programmes) for many years as a Senior Trainer / Coach and Operations Manager. I was responsible for the development, implementation & delivery of ‘New Deal’ personal development ‘Coaching for Employment’ programmes for Knowsley Borough Council, Liverpool City Council and the ‘Deal Me In’ programme for City of Edinburgh Council.

This involved working with chronically unemployed people starting with a 4-day workshop and continuing with a 6-month follow up course. I was part of a team that gained three National Awards for the above. The programme now has over 1,850 graduates.

I was also a consultant on the Youth at Risk ‘Coaching for Community’ programmes all over England, as well as Belfast, Holland and Sweden. These are designed to give young people at risk from crime, drugs and broken homes a chance to confront their lives, rebuild relationships and commit to change. As a consultant, I supported and advised on the complete 11-month process and have coached / trained over 2000 volunteers and 500 young people (participants).

I am now an associate with The Performance CoachSteppingstones UK and a Master Masteries Coach (MMC) with the International Association of Coaching (IAC).


  • MA in Applied Psychosynthesis Psychology (Middlesex University, UK – 2003)
  • Diploma in Applied Psychosynthesis (Institute of Psychosynthesis, UK – 2003)
  • Certified Counsellor (University of Hertfordshire, UK – 1997)
  • Certified Thought Field Therapist (Callahan Techniques Ltd & Thought Field Therapy Training Centre, US – 2007)
  • Practitioner qualification in Lumina Spark & Lumina Leader / 360 Psychometric Profiling, Training & Coaching (2013/14)
  • Master Masteries Coach (MMC) Professional Designation with the International Association of Coaching (IAC – Aug 2015)


  • The Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners (APP)
  • The Association for Thought Field Therapy (ATFT)
  • The British Thought Field Therapy Association (BTFTA)
  • The International Association of Coaching (IAC)