Please find below a selection of papers written by me as I was undergoing my Applied Psychosynthesis MA:

(1) The Context for Psychosynthesis Counselling

I see this paper as an expression of my understanding of the context of Psychosynthesis Counselling, covering my thoughts and feelings and experience…..Download

(2) Ego Development & the Self

In this paper I will attempt explore the development of the individual from birth, the relationship between dependence, independence and individuality within the family…..Download

(3) The Imagination & Dreamwork

The power of the imagination has always been of interest to me and in the course of this paper I shall be exploring the use of guided and spontaneous imagery, reflections and dreamwork…..Download

(4) Self, Formation, Individuation and the Will

In this paper I will be exploring the nature of identification, sharing my understanding of the emergence of the “I” and it’s relation to the “Self” and with that the crisis of meaning…..Download

(5) The Will and the Concepts of Change

In this paper I shall be looking at the different processes of change and where the Will fits in relation to that process…..Download

(6) Object Relations

I shall, during the course of this paper, attempt to discuss the main areas of object relations weaving in examples and illustrations from my work and life…..Download

(7) Narcissism & the Moral Imperative

During the course of this paper I will illustrate my understanding of the ‘Self’ in Psychosynthetic terms and why Narcissism, a psychological disturbance, is of interest to a synthetic practitioner…..Download

(8) Spiritual Emergency and Spiritual Emergence

Using a breakthrough from my own journey as a backdrop to the paper, together with examples from my work, I will be looking to explore this quest within the context of spiritual emergency and emergence…..Download

(9) Group Dynamics

During the course of the paper I will look at organisational dynamics from the perspective of leadership…..Download