Our Training

Our Training 

The philosophy of our work is that all human beings can make a difference to their circumstances and situations and become part of the solution rather than complaining about the problem.

Our trainings are specifically aimed at enabling people to address the barriers to success they face. Participants will discover how to create a new level of thinking through which they can realise results beyond what they previously considered possible. The content of the training can be tailored to suit the needs of:

Staff – the people at the ‘coal face’ who work as part of a team, or department and have a desire to progress and develop their careers.

Managers – those staff members who are currently in a leadership role, or about to take up a position of leadership.

Teams – we work with groups and departments to explore the culture of the team developing their awareness of what it takes to work together and take ownership of their team experience.

There are many courses available dealing with the skill and knowledge base necessary to perform professional duties, however very few of them require the participants to examine their thinking about the process of making a difference in the workplace. Our workshops encourage the participants to examine what it is about their ‘way of being’ that is preventing them from maximising the difference & contribution they are capable of making to the team, department or themselves. Our trainings also examine how an individual’s attitudes and perceptions of current reality affect the choices & the actions available.

We believe that once the ‘BE’ing shifts, the ‘DO’ing evolves. As a result, staff satisfaction & productivity increases too.

The Mastery Programmes

The trainings are developed out of these 4 Core Masteries:

  • Commitment ~ To establish what it takes to be your word in order to maintain education, employment and develop career potential.
  • Possibility ~  To examine your thinking about yourself, others, situations and circumstances, enabling you to discover what’s available in life.
  • Responsibility ~  To see choices about life that empower your actions and behaviours rather than reacting to circumstances and situations; therefore taking ownership of your goals for education or employment.
  • Relationship ~  To create relationships that serve you in life allowing you to accept support and contribute to others within the school / university / work community.

The Objectives: What the participants will walk away with.

  • A greater understanding of what it means for them to give/ keep their word and the barriers they put up to their success in career/relationships/life.
  • A useful work based leadership / coaching model
  • How to notice and the unconscious blocks that could inhibit their progression in education / work and remove them.
  • A greater understanding, and experience, of what it is to be fully responsible and own their experience of life, both inside and outside education / work.
  • A renewed awareness of their relationship to mistakes and specific skills to powerfully address mistakes, maintaining their focus and motivation.
  • A connection with their underlying purposes and how to access these to fuel themselves to bring the best of themselves to their life.
  • Developed listening skills; taking listening to the next level.
  • The ability to set and work towards goals and support others with their goals.

Ultimate Goal of the Training:

The participants will have a breakthrough, they will see new choices and engage with a  renewed sense of how they can best serve:


Their Team or Department

The Company or Organisation

After The Training:

Life Mastery Training & Development offers follow up sessions to deepen the work and continue the journey for the participants. These sessions are designed in line with the requirements of the School / University or Organisation.

They may include 1-2-1 coaching, this could be onsite or over the telephone. Fee’s for all follow up work would be negotiated based on content and as needed.

The world that we have made as a result of the level of thinking we have done thus far creates problems that we cannot solve at the same level of thinking at which we created them”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ~ Albert Einstein

I have worked with thousands of people over the years and enjoy a diverse background and knowledge base. Once we have met to assess your needs I will put together a package of training to suit your requirements and budget.

I have access to a pool of highly experienced trainers I can contract to work with me to deliver workshops in all areas of personal and corporate development & leadership.

Contact me here to find out more.