Training For Employment

It will support them in maximising their opportunities, thus maintaining and progressing in their chosen field of work. It is an opportunity for them to gain intra/interpersonal skills creating unprecedented results in their future employment.

It will support and enable the participants to:

  • Resolve conflict and deal with mistakes and issues effectively
  • Set goals / action plans to achieve their goals
  • Challenge their current thinking
  • Assess and improve their personal effectiveness, image & self confidence
  • Promote personal responsibility in the workplace
  • Examine their attitude to rules allowing them to re-focus on keeping the rules at work
  • Allow participants to express themselves in a different way

It will provide an opportunity for personal development and self-reflection for the participants, as well as providing them with practical skills for maintaining their employment in these 4 Key Masteries:

Commitment:  To establish what it takes to be their word in order to maintain employment and develop career potential.

Possibility To examine their thinking about them self, others, situations and circumstances, enabling them to discover what’s available at work.

Responsibility To see choices about work that empower their actions and behaviours rather than reacting to circumstances and situations; therefore taking ownership of their goals for employment.

Relationship:  To create relationships that serve them in employment allowing them to accept support and contribute to others within the work community.

The programme consists of a 2 – 4 day workshop, depending on the requirements and a follow up programme designed to ground the work and support the participants in achieving their goals.

The programme is flexible and designed in line with the needs of the client group.

This programme works, but don’t just take our word for it:

“I’ve commissioned Graham to work with long term unemployed adults on many occasions over the last 12 years. He is much more than a highly skilled coach and trainer! He has a unique way of engaging with people, and is highly focused on supporting them to realise their goals through overcoming often deep-seated barriers. He is fun, dynamic, professional, highly effective and a real asset to anyone. Go hire him!”

~Tracy Fishwick, Director – Transform Lives Company & Associate Director – Inclusion, Merseyside, NW

From a participant:

“Dear Graham. I hope you don’t mind me saying hello. I was one of your ‘New Deal’ students. I had a rough time before the job centre got me the New Deal placement working for the council. I hated your sessions back then. I didn’t realise, or value, the importance of your sessions at the time. They geared me up for the world of work. Shortly after the course I got a job with the University, they paid my college and University fees. I am now waiting to be enrolled on my Masters. I’ve always wanted to say thank you.”

~Christine, New Deal Employment Programme, Merseyside, UK