Training For Schools

Our Education Mastery Programme gives pupils the opportunity to examine who they are being in relation to their education.

Throughout the training they with work with our four Key Masteries:

  • Commitment ~ To establish what it takes to be your word in order to progress in school.
  • Possibility ~  To examine your thinking about yourself, others, situations and circumstances, enabling you to discover what’s available in your education.
  • Responsibility ~  To see choices that empower your actions and behaviours rather than reacting to circumstances and situations; therefore taking ownership of your goals in education.
  • Relationship ~  To create relationships that serve you in school allowing you to accept support and contribute to others within the school community & beyond.

During the two day training the pupils will engage in a variety of different conversations, activities and tasks. All will be aimed at supporting them in seeing new ways of being at school and new ways of responding to situations so that they are more likely to achieve their goals.

Some of these will be delivered in the large group – others will be facilitated in small groups. Training elements will include:

  • Introduction to the Coaching Relationship and being an effective player at school.
  • Responding vs. Reacting
  • Masks.
  • Dealing with mistakes.
  • Goal setting & setting action steps.

Prior to the two day training the pupils, identified by the school, would attend a 1/2 day enrolment session that we would facilitate.

After the training it is important to ground the work with follow up sessions, these can be designed in line with the needs of the school. The sessions could be once a month for 3 – 6 months where the lead trainer will come back in and work with the pupil group supported by the teachers.

The programme can be extended to include Teacher Training. A two day training workshop designed to give the teachers, that will be supporting the pupil programme, an experience of the work for themselves. They will gain an understanding of the methodology and be better equipped to ‘coach’ the pupil participants during their training.

The follow up programme could also include coaches from the community, both business and parents. The school would be responsible for offering the opportunity to people and enrolling them. We would then provide a two day ‘coaches training’ where they would be trained to work with the pupils to achieve their goals over the follow up programme, and beyond if appropriate.

All of this would be managed our side by our Lead Consultant Graham Kean, in partnership with a designated School Coordinator.

A testimonial:

“I have worked with Graham to deliver a number of schools programmes and I have also worked on other training days with Graham. Graham is highly experienced in his field, he has no problems in holding and engaging a large group, his approach is thorough and spontaneous allowing the participants to engage and explore freely and at the same time keeping control and maintaining clear boundaries. Graham’s sincerity and warmth shines through which is why he produces such great results!”

~I-Lan Hamilton – Personal Performance Life Coach and Personal Development Trainer, England, UK

From a participant:

“This course has helped me prepare for the future, it has increased my self awareness and the ability to make changes, it has enabled me to take responsibility for my mistakes and to take a step forward. I have found my identity and self-worth.”

~Programme Participant – Sunderland, North England, UK