Training For University

We offer training programmes and coaching designed to meet the needs of students in universities.

Over many years of working with young adults in schools, colleges and universities we have developed an engaging and effective set of ‘Core Mastery’ trainings we call the Student Mastery Programme’.

The Challenge of Student Life

We recognise that students have already achieved significantly in order to get to this level of their academic lives. We acknowledge they bring skills, qualities and talents developed through their life experience to date. However, we also recognise university life can be a rude awakening. Suddenly students are thrust into an adult world and expected to fend for themselves, manage time, money, and social life, in addition to developing the ability to learn and study independently.

Students need to balance their education, and the requirements of the academic world, alongside the pull of social gatherings, with limited supervision, sometimes living hundreds of miles away from family and loved ones. Increasingly it has become more important to take on leadership roles and responsibilities that develop them beyond their chosen academic path. This prepares them for their career, bridging the gap between higher education and an increasingly competitive employment market.

Benefits to Students

A greater self- awareness, more confident, self- assured and self-reliant. The ability to present themselves powerfully and form successful working relationships. Increased ability to take responsibility, owning and designing their university experience, accomplishing their goals and becoming more attractive to future employers.

Benefits to Universities

Our trainings impact students personally, developing them beyond the academic, therefore enhancing their experience of university, and increasing their employability. Both of which increase positive student feedback, which in turn supports the universities national ranking, making the university more attractive to future students.

The trainings are developed out of these 4 Core Masteries:

  • Commitment ~ To establish what it takes to be your word in order to maintain & enhance your time in University & beyond .
  • Possibility ~ To examine your thinking about yourself, others, situations and circumstances, enabling you to discover what’s available in life.
  • Responsibility ~ To see choices about life that empower your actions and behaviours rather than reacting to circumstances and situations; therefore taking ownership of your goals in University.
  • Relationship ~To create relationships that serve you allowing you to accept support and contribute to others within the University community.

The Objectives: What the participants will walk away with.

  • A greater understanding of what it means for them to give/ keep their word and the barriers they put up to their success in education/career/relationships/life.
  • A useful leadership / coaching model
  • How to notice and the unconscious blocks that could inhibit their progression in life and remove them.
  • A greater understanding, and experience, of what it is to be fully responsible and own their experience of life, both inside and outside University.
  • A renewed awareness of their relationship to mistakes and specific skills to powerfully address mistakes, maintaining their focus and motivation.
  • A connection with their underlying purposes and how to access these to fuel themselves to bring the best of themselves to University life.
  • Developed listening skills; taking listening to the next level.
  • The ability to set and work towards goals and support others with their goals.

After The Training

Life Mastery Training & Development offers follow up sessions to deepen the work and continue the journey for the participants. These sessions are designed in line with the requirements of the student & University.

They may include 1-2-1 coaching for students identified by University staff, this could be onsite or over the telephone. Fee’s for all follow up work would be negotiated based on content and as needed.

We offer support for students who may move on to study overseas. Our Lead Consultant is English and has worked in many schools & universities in England, supporting students as a coach and delivering Student Leadership Programmes.

Some feedback:

I love working with Graham. It is rare to find a trainer and coach so genuinely committed to the personal development and happiness of others. I’ve thought a great deal about the possible secrets of his success. And for me it is rooted in a simple but powerful principle: he always brings the whole of himself to work….. passionate, knowledgeable, insightful, and fun. All these qualities, and many more, make learning and working with Graham: a rewarding, challenging and transformational experience. It doesn’t get better than that.” 

~Janeena Sims, Director, Park Sims Associates, UK

Overseas Transition Course

Our Overseas Transition Coaching Course is a unique opportunity that supports students before they get to their destination country, and has proved a valuable resource in preparing students for life in a new culture, whether studying a Masters Programme or PhD. It takes the form of a 1/2 day, or one day, group coaching experience that enables the students to share their fears and dreams. It is a group process that facilitates support and networking, also offering some handy tools for goal setting and confidence building.

It is a daunting prospect to leave your home, culture and move out of your comfort zone to a new and often unknown country. Many students do not access support, even though it is offered to them, they move through the induction process and 1st few weeks alone. Many often return to their accommodation after the days lectures and spend time alone, with the internet as their only friend.

Just shopping for food can be stressful, the products are different, the money is different and the people are different. It is a new world and many students have shared that they are lonely, anxious and stressed.

In truth you can either be ‘done to’ or you can ‘own’ your Masters/PhD experience aboard and create the future you say you want for yourself. It is this realisation, together with the understanding that they are not alone, that boosts the students and allows them to move into their new life with renewed vigour.

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