The Vicious Cycle.

Vicious CycleI want to introduce you to a very powerful psychological construct….The Vicious Cycle:

SOMETHING HAPPENED….something in your PAST, and you did not like it, it may have hurt you, and you had feelings about it.


From that point you made it MEAN something about you….you made assumptions….you began to collapse the ‘what happened’ with the WHO you are.


Then you took actions out of your ‘meaning about yourself’….the meaning YOU put there.


These ACTIONS you take do not serve you, they reinforce your ‘false self’, the self you created to survive in the world.


There are BENEFITS to these actions, there are always benefits, but there are COSTS too, and it is the costs to you, that give you more evidence that backs up the WHAT HAPPENED and that is what keeps you on the VICIOUS CYCLE.


Only you can get off, only you can transform it.


You can never change the WHAT HAPPENED, but you can transform the MEANING you took on, the ‘conversation you ARE about yourself’ and take NEW actions, in line with a NEW MEANING .


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