True, False or Don’t Know?

True, False, Don't Know?What does it take to QUIETEN your inner VOICE?
Sometimes we have to really STOP and notice, we have to listen and say to ourselves: is this true or is this false?
Sometimes we may not even know.

The key is to notice what you are telling yourself….it is nearly always your interpretation and thus, false.
We have to develop the ability to know what to hold on to, and what to let go of.
Not always easy, but essential.
Much of the time what we want to hold on to stresses us out and what we let go of supports our well-being.
You are the centre of pure consciousness, you have the power to transform your present moment. You. No one else, there is no one that can do it for you.
Notice, notice, notice….be conscious and connect to what is real and true for you….then plan and take action in line with what you are committed to developing.

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