My Coaching Certification- Master Masteries Coach

The two most internationally respected professional coaching organisations / certification bodies are the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The IAC® Certification Process™ focuses on the distinct qualities of result-based masterful coaching, unlike ICF credentialing that requires a set number of coaching hours in order to assimilate coaching skills. The ICF necessitates the logging of coaching hours, requires training from a particular coach training program, and values one style of coaching over another. Measuring the number of hours one has coached (ICF credentialing) is vastly different from measuring the skill with which one coaches (IAC certification). Evaluating coaching style is not the same as evaluating coaching mastery, in the IAC this is achieved by submitting two recorded coaching sessions for detailed analysis and assessment by senior certifiers who themselves are master coaches (as below).

This makes the IAC Certification Process a bit simpler, but it’s by no means easier, because coaches need to demonstrate masterful coaching skills based on both a cognitive understanding of coaching AND demonstration of coaching mastery.

The standards for IAC certification are very high. Uncommonly so, as only about 25% of coaches who apply for Master/Coach Certification (MMC/CMC) pass on the first attempt.

This is because masterful coaching must reinforce leading edge communication skills, a keen awareness of human and cultural differences and how to work with these effectively. Also the ability to generate innovative and client-centred ways to shift perspective thus, expanding possibilities and the importance of co-creating sustainable plans to produce outstanding results.

The IAC was founded by Thomas J. Leonard. The same man who founded the ICF, but he founded the IAC for coaches who are ‘already qualified’ and needed a framework for their coaching vs. the ICF who specialise in qualifying new coaches.

The Master Masteries Coach (MMC) designation is the highest certification awarded to coaches who have demonstrated an understanding of the IAC Coaching Masteries® and demonstrated the masterful use of all 9 Coaching Masteries™ in two recorded coaching sessions with different clients, as reviewed by professional certifiers using a 5 point scale score system. To receive the MMC designation the coach must receive a minimum score of 80% for both recordings and a minimum score of 4 out of 5 for each of the Masteries in both coaching sessions.

I am very proud to say that I was awarded the Master Masteries Coach (MMC) professional designation in August 2015. I passed first time with 87% & 91% for each of my recordings.

IAC certification


The 9 Coaching Masteries™

  1. Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust – Ensure a safe space and supportive relationship for personal growth, discovery and transformation. Effect: The client is open to sharing and receiving, perceives the coach as a personal advocate, sees transformation and growth as manageable; and has realistic expectations of results and responsibilities of coaching.
  1. Perceiving, affirming and expanding the client’s potential – Recognises and help the client acknowledge and appreciate his or her strengths and potential. Effect: The client has greater appreciation of personal capabilities and potential; and is more willing to take actions beyond current paradigms or strategies.
  1. Engaged listening -Give full attention to the words, nuances, and the unspoken meaning of the client’s communication; the coach is more deeply aware of the client, his/her concerns and the source of the issue, by listening beyond what the client is able to articulate. Effect: The client feels understood and validated – not judged; and  communicates more effortlessly and resourcefully.
  1. Processing in the present – Focus full attention on the client, processing information at the level of the mind, body, heart and/or spirit, as appropriate. The coach expands the client’s awareness of how to experience thoughts and issues on these various levels, when and as appropriate. The coach utilises what is happening in the session itself (client’s behaviour, patterns, emotions, and the relationship between coach and client, etc.) to assist the client toward greater self-awareness and positive, appropriate action. Effect: The client is free to express and engage with present reality, is unencumbered by past or future preoccupations or concerns, benefits from coaching insight and support on all levels; and the coach is highly attuned to subtle communications from the client.
  1. Expressing – Attention and awareness to how the coach communicates commitment, direction, intent, and ideas – and the effectiveness of this communication. Effect: The coaching interaction is enhanced with the client being at ease and trusting; and the client is open to understanding and/or questioning any communication from the coach.
  1. Clarifying – Reduce/eliminate confusion or uncertainty; increase understanding and the confidence of the client. Effect: The client and the coach move forward in a more directed way with increased possibilities, decreased uncertainty; and uncovering the unknown.
  1. Helping the client set and keep clear intentions – Helps the client become or remain focused and working towards intended goals. Effect: The client feels capable, is clear about what he or she wants to accomplish or transform, is inspired by the possibilities; and moves forward purposefully.
  1. Inviting possibility – Creating an environment that allows ideas, options and opportunities to emerge. Effect: The coach enables expansion of thoughts and actions, the client’s awareness is expanded, the coach helps client transcend barriers, the client is willing to leave his/her comfort zone; and has more options.
  1. Helping the client create and use supportive systems and structures – Helping the client identify and build the relationships, tools, systems and structures he or she needs to advance and sustain progress. Effect: The client is confident and secure in moving forward, knowing that resources are available or can be created.

Please get in touch to find out more about IAC certification or to begin your coaching journey with me. I also run coaching supervision for coaches.