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Addiction recovery coaching

Addiction is a condition in which a person engages in use of a substance (alcohol, drugs and food) or in a behaviour (gambling and sex) for which the rewarding effects provide a compelling incentive to repeatedly pursue the behaviour despite detrimental consequences. All addictions have the capacity to induce a sense of hopelessness and feelings of failure, as well as shame and guilt, with an increased likelihood of being accompanied by depression, anxiety or other mental health issues.

Addiction recovery coaching can support your journey to lasting recovery from your dependency.

Like every productive process, you will start with a plan and a goal for recovery. I will help you develop a plan to reach that goal. My coaching will help you figure out how to incorporate the various psychological models and tools available to recover from your dependency.

Much of my work in addiction entails supporting clients to avoid relapse and work on life goals or future-based commitments, e.g. relationships, career development & health. My coaching is action-focused and responsibility-oriented with an emphasis on improving life in the present and working on future goals.

Check out what you can expect during your coaching journey. Get in touch to enquire about addiction recovery coaching.

Here is a success story from one of my Singapore clients in overcoming his alcohol addiction:

“When I first reached out to Graham, it was after yet another episode of binge drinking that continued until the next day. I was wasted, extremely guilty and not able to recollect clearly what I had done over the last 24 hours. This was after having stopped drinking for 3 months, largely due to Covid lock down. I was an alcoholic and had been stuck in a vicious cycle for many, many years. I could go for months without drinking, but once I have just one drink I cannot stop, until I’m almost blacked out. The addiction had ruined my relationship with my wife, caused issues at work and had me plunge into bouts of depression, and social anxiety, on the days that I was not drunk.

I have tried multiple times to reduce / quit alcohol and had even visited an addiction center for treatment. However, they only looked at, and tried to treat, the symptoms, they just worked at a surface level. It was Graham who helped me to understand the root causes; the why I was drinking and get underneath it. He helped me understand how my past influenced my internal narrative and how I used alcohol to numb the pain and avoid responsibility. This is how I ended up hooked on alcohol and stuck in an endless, self destructive loop. With Graham’s guidance I was able to understand my patterns and how they all stem from the pain of my past. I was able to transform my ‘self-narrative’ and take new actions to create the conditions for my success and healing. One of these actions has been to cut ties with drinking buddies. Graham introduced me to  numerous powerful tools and frameworks to guide me on my healing journey. This included identifying, and working on, my core values, which have become my guiding lights. 

The result of working with Graham, is 250 days of sobriety and I now have no trouble declining invitations to drinks, my relationship with my wife is prospering for the first time and I recently got promoted to Vice President at work. I am extremely happy, without Graham’s coaching none of this would have been possible. Above all, I have improved my self-confidence and self-esteem, giving me a great sense of personal satisfaction, peace and joy.

Working with Graham is transformative and life changing. If you want someone to sugar coat, and say nice things you want to hear, then Graham is not the one you should reach out to, but if you want to really work on transforming your life, and getting what you have always wanted, he is the right coach for you!

I’m extremely grateful and thankful to Graham for all the support he has given me and highly recommend his services. I have no doubt that his skills and expertise will immensely benefit anyone looking to overcome addiction, or any issues they are facing that hold them back.” ~SK, I.T Professional, Singapore

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Addiction recovery coaching singapore