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Graham Kean, MA (Psych), MMC (IAC)

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I have a Masters Degree in Applied Psychosynthesis (Middlesex University, UK) which qualifies me to work at depth with my clients as psychotherapist. Psychosynthesis psychotherapy is more far reaching and impactful compared to CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), ACT (acceptance and commitment therapy) & NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Psychosynthesis psychotherapy addresses all 3 levels of the human psyche- the lower unconscious, the middle unconscious and the upper unconscious.

Everything is a reenactment of the past. You bring your past into the present and do what you have always done, believing that you will get different results. The hard part here is that it is all unconscious, you are not even aware of it, you are ‘asleep’ to your ‘wounding’. All this is is housed in what we call the “lower unconscious” and it represents our psychological past. This is a powerful, shadowy force from which, over your life, you have created the story you listen to about you. The voice of self-negation, that jumps in at every corner, manipulates your every thought and subsequent actions in the present moment. It hijacks you in the now and creates a level of crisis that stops you from making choices that serve you as you take the next step.

The step, in the here and now, is the area we call the “middle unconscious”, this is where CBT, ACT & NLP practitioners work. They will work with you to to address the limitations you have in the occurring world. It can be beneficial in the short term, but unless you shine a light into the darkness and work at healing the wounding, these therapies of the ‘middle unconscious’, like CBT & ACT, just act as sticking plasters that will soon peel off, activating all the painful self-negation patterns and actions that block your potential, creativity, values, love, intuition, inspiration, joy and freedom.

All of these energies are housed in the “higher unconscious” and it is joined to the middle unconscious; the you as you show up to the world, by a fragile dotted line, when this line is broken you are in crisis, in breakdown, and this is when you need to seek a psychotherapist like me, who is trained in all three levels of the psyche, not just one, and will guide you back on your path of self-realisation and self-actualisation.

Every challenge that presents itself is an opportunity for growth and development

As we move through life we meet challenges and obstacles that limit us on our journey, the essence of the psychosynthesis perspective is that, whilst on our journey, we all have a purpose. Our journeys are unique and with each step there is the potential of actualising our truest potential. However, as we follow our path we can get lost, led astray or fall down, we put up barriers to success. Psychosynthesis recognises that those seeking support need to address and accept their destructive and negative cycles. In this process we work to uncover a deeper sense of who we are and what we can achieve, beyond the all our masks and conditioning.

I use a holistic approach when working with my clients 

As an expat psychotherapist in Singapore, I use a holistic approach that focuses on the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, in order to address how issues in one aspect of a person can lead to concerns in other areas. I recognise that my clients need the opportunity to work with, and through the self-created blocks and transcend the apparent limitations of their past. This is where we will begin, it is the most painful part of the journey for many, but also the most transformational, because it addresses the root cause of my clients’ issues.

I am a wounded healer

I have been on this journey, I have been in therapy for more than 7 years, I have been immersed in my darkness, I know depression, I know what it is like to wish you would not wake up in the morning and hope it will all just go away. I have come out the other side, I am a wounded healer and I know that I will be able to guide you through your shadows, no matter how dark they may seem. It is vital as a therapist to have been in therapy themselves, I have been there myself, I have journeyed with many clients, there is nothing you can tell me that I have not either had my own experience of, or heard from one of my clients. I know that what you bring is unique to you, I know that I can’t ever know what it is like to be you in your experience, but I can empathise, and it is through this confidential, therapeutic connection that you will heal and transform.

Psychotherapy vs. psychiatry?

Psychiatry: a psychiatrist is a medical doctor who has the legal authority to write prescriptions for psychotropic medication. Most prescribed medications are administered for anxiety, depression, or other disorders of the mind. Psychotherapy: there are numerous degrees and licenses in this area. This qualification requires a minimum of a Master’s Degree. Psychotherapists have a deeper level of training in working with the causes, patterns, cycles, traumas and behaviour that often lead to the need for medication use. Psychiatrists and psychotherapists can go hand in hand. They work together to help achieve wellness goals for the client. With their shared knowledge about psychological processes and how stress and trauma impact the nervous system, they collaborate on a treatment plan that best serves the client’s needs. Patients may also benefit from working with a psychotherapist that offers more frequent sessions than a psychiatrist. It would always be my recommendation that you seek help from a psychotherapist first before going down the medical route.

I have had clients who come to me on anti-depressants (SSRIs), it is so common these days, and we work to taper their use, with a goal to come off completely. Anti-depressants are only useful in the short term, but some of my clients have been on them for years and through my interventions they have successfully stopped. This is always in conjunction with their doctor (psychiatrist). I can impact their recovery because psychotherapy addresses the reasons why they went on the medication in the first place. Psychiatry only prescribes the drug to regulate the mental disorder, and I am shocked at how easily this powerful drug is given out. I have even had clients whose previous psychotherapists recommended they take anti-depressant to support them in the psychotherapy! This is not a recommendation I will ever make, nor should any good psychotherapist, because, in my opinion, taking SSRIs puts a invisible layer between you and the world, which in turn puts a layer between you and me (your psychotherapist) and you and your healing.

In today’s fast paced and competitive world people are confronted with issues at work, problems in the family, conflicts, unhealthy social relationships, unemployment, economic and social stress, more and more we are bombarded with the pressures of living in a world of social and political crisis. This leads to feelings of anxiety, anger, aggression, and despair resulting in lack of confidence, self esteem and depression. Many of those who seek support and psychotherapy with me are people who are basically healthy and have the ability to function well, but who experience a sense of deep dissatisfaction with the journey they are on, a dissatisfaction with their quality of life, I often hear this described as a ‘rut’. They have a longing for fulfilment and purpose and this is their motivation to seek help and journey with me.

I use the powerful maps and models of psychosynthesis to support and inform me as I work with my clients, this takes the form of one hour psychotherapy sessions and I also apply it when working with groups.

Check out some of my clients’ success stories in psychotherapy:

“My work with Graham changed my life. I worked with Graham first as my life coach, then as my psychotherapist whilst in the midst of a breakdown, as I needed the containment of a more therapeutic approach. He gave me exactly what I needed; a safe, non-judgmental, supportive environment to explore what I needed to shift, what I wanted to achieve and what I wanted to let go of. Through our work I found the courage to end an emotionally abusive relationship, pass my driving test, find a new job, quit that job and move back to the UK. It was then I lost control of my life and had a breakdown. It was all a lot of change in a very small amount of time and my world was spiralling away from me. Graham changed his way of working with me and created a powerful container for me to heal. I spoke to Graham daily during my lowest moments. I contemplated suicide, but with Graham on the other end of the phone, WhatsApp, emails and our regular Skype sessions, I got through it. I have a hefty tool box that Graham has given me and I return to it as I need it, when the low days arrive, but I’m not scared to fully live anymore. I’m not scared to be me. Through stripping back the layers with Graham, visiting some of the shadowy past, and facing myself head on I have grown emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I am achieving things I never thought possible; I’m in a loving relationship, with someone who treats me very well, and I am continuing my self-development journey all of the time. Who knows what the future holds, but I feel ready for it.” ~CA, Singapore, Malaysia, Yoga Teacher (currently living in the UK)

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“I grew up a small-town farm kid from Saskatchewan, Canada and my long professional journey brought me to Singapore 3 years ago working as an expat managing our company’s Southeast Asia agriculture commodity business. I was lacking direction and confidence in the beginning and relying on everyone but myself because I was new here in Singapore. I was going through grief and darkness, feeling very alone away from friends, family and community for the first time, then tragedy struck my family back in Canada, during my first year away, which sent me spiralling. Graham and I worked together, broke everything down, dived back into my past; uncovered pain, old limiting beliefs and patterns that were holding me back and sending me into a downward spiral. We LOCKED IN those pivotal values and strengths while adding new powerful tools to my arsenal. It took some work, but it was fun and I could feel myself already turning an important corner in just the first couple months… But more importantly, I felt I had the steering wheel for the first time…in a long time, and was looking forward not backward. I gained a deeper, newfound confidence and passion in my life and work. I am continuing to carve out my vision and see further success in my career, also in my personal life, health, well-being and overall happiness. ~MJ, Canadian Expat, Marketing Manager, Singapore, Southeast Asia

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“I have always had a deep-rooted feeling of being under serving or lesser than other people. This force has been destructive in so many ways, for example; in self-sabotaging things I’ve worked so hard for and wanted so badly. With Graham’s excellent ability helping me get to the root of my issues, I have literally let go of the darkest shadows that have defined me my whole life. Only now can I see what a huge emotional weight I have been carrying around. I’ve never felt this light and peaceful in my life. I am now more authentic, happier, and for the first time I am feeling unconditional love for, and trust in, myself. This is quite incredible to me because in all my adult life I have attempted many times to rid myself of these dark shadows through therapy, reading, seminars, workshops and other forms of help, this ‘re-birth’ has only happened through working with Graham. Graham was totally committed, caring and skilled. I strongly recommend Graham Kean.” ~Entrepreneur, Career Woman and Single Mother, Singapore.

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Dear Graham. Throughout our sessions, you have helped me to discover many of my strengths, weaknesses and certain unconscious sabotaging patterns, and taught me ways to release them by giving me new perspectives. This experience has given me positive results in my ability to become more fully self-expressed, have greater clarity, and discernment, which is helping me to evolve, be in alignment with my values and true essence. At this point anything is possible for me, I will continue to effectively apply this knowledge that can only result in better health, fulfillment, empowering authentic relationships. Thank you”.  ~Maria Defillo, Insurance Consultant – Defillo Insurance Services, Miami, Florida, USA.

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