What Can You Expect Working with a Qualified Life Coach?

What life coaching is really about…

Many people do know about life coaching, but it is not something that is widely available in Asia; yes, there are many people advertising themselves as Leadership, Career & Performance coaches but, in truth, it is still very difficult to find a well qualified life coach who really knows the challenges you face and one who will truly work to guide you in ‘getting out of your own way’ and facilitate powerful, lasting transformation.
Most people know that if you want to succeed in any given sport you need to engage a coach, someone that will support you in being the best you can be. What people may not realise is that a good qualified life coach can support the transformation of everyone including sportsmen and women, teachers, lawyers and business owners but the coach may know nothing much about their sport, what it is to be a teacher, lawyer or a business owner in their line of business.

So what can you expect working with a qualified life coach?

A good coach works with people on their BEING, not necessarily on what it is they are doing. A transformational coaching journey addresses what holds them back, work with their fears and the beliefs that limit them. A truly experienced coach is able to support clients in seeing how their past holds them in their present and how they get caught in a Vicious Cycle which inhibits their future. People often feel comfortable in the shadows, the coaching journey will shine a light on the darkness enabling them to see their future clearly.
Here are the 10 benefits of working with a qualified life coach:
  1. Increased self confidence & self esteem being able to share your challenges, share your shadow parts, share your fears and your phobias enhances your relationship with you! This supports a strong positive personal mindset – an important key to success.
  2. Better relationships you will gain clarity about your “wants and needs” so you can build healthier relationships and truly own your part in the important relationships in your life. This obviously includes your husband, wife, partner, parents, children, and close friends but also extends to your boss and co-workers.
  3. Enhanced work performance life coaching can contribute to a better and more satisfying work experience by working with you on what it is that holds you back from taking the next step on your career ladder.
  4. A life coach helps you become more accountable you will follow through on whatever you procrastinate about or stop yourself from doing. You will gain a new relationship with ‘keeping your word’. We all place limits on ourselves. We all have limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding us back, preventing us from fulfilling our true potential. A good coach will push you beyond your limits and what you thought was possible, this is the realm of the breakthrough. No more reasons and excuses holding you back from being the best you can be.
  5. Having a life coach saves you stress, pain, anger & frustration working with a good life coach will support you with the cycles of stress that cause you pain and frustration… especially if you have transitioned from another part of the world & another culture. Attempting to figure it all out by yourself just is not worth it.
  6. Greater wellness being well is more than taking medicine. A good coach will work with you to create “do-able”, comprehensive plans & goals. There are always patterns or behaviours that you are not even aware of. Sometimes it is a story you tell yourself as to why you are the way you are, or do the things you do, and this story inhibits your possibility & stifles your vast potential.
  7. A good life coach listens some people have never been listened to in their whole life. A good coach will create a confidential space of listening so that you can feel free to explore your truth.
  8. Improved communication skills the ability to say what you need to say, no matter how hard and the awareness of the part you play in any interaction is key to maintaining healthy relationships.
  9. Creating a clear vision for what you want in life it is more than just goal setting, it is about uncovering your passion, your values and your needs. Then creating a plan that is sustainable and achievable.
  10. Knowing you have someone alongside you with no hidden agenda any good coach will tell you they are not there to be your friend, they are not trying to be liked by you, they are simply there to serve you and only you, and that may mean telling you things you don’t want to hear without judgement.
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