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What people say about Graham Kean’s coaching: 

I wasn’t in a great place last year. In fact, it was for many years, as long as I remember. From an external perspective, I was doing well; happy married life, working in tech and successful, but inside me, it was a mess. I was constantly anxious, worried about everything, enjoying hardly anything. Sure, there were times and places where I would forget it for a few hours, but that feeling would come back.

I blamed it on lack of sleep, my partner, coworkers, parents and other things – held grudges from childhood and made sure I remembered them. There came a point a few years ago where I thought some therapy could help – I started with it in the traditional sense but always felt the therapists didn’t understand me. They were scratching the surface and telling me what they thought should be my behaviour, and what I should do etc. But I didn’t think it was effective and left it halfway.

Another few years passed – the internal suffering continued until one evening, after a stressful day at work, I felt the urge to solve this problem once and for all. I did some research and found ‘top coaches/therapists in Southeast Asia/Singapore’. I was very meticulous in my research – I always pay good attention to the minute details and use it to make my judgement.

Out of all the therapists/coaches, Graham’s profile stood out. The way he had written posts on his website, his offering and the testimonials were so in-sync – it just felt right. I made the decision to reach out to him and sent a WhatsApp message the very next day. It has to be one of the top 3 decisions of my life! (just behind deciding to marry my then girlfriend, now wife and starting a company with my close friend).

Coaching with Graham changed my life. He calls it a “journey of awakening” – and rightly so. When I look back at the dark times, I wasn’t awakened. I was ‘asleep’ – just letting my life go by and being on the sidelines of my own life. It was an emotional roller-coaster and I was out of control.

The initial sessions with Graham were intense – he asks the right questions at the right time and picks up on every single detail. To get to the root of my issues we had difficult conversations which made those initial few months excruciatingly hard. It was bringing up all the things that I had chosen to not address and bury deep down over the years. Stacks upon stacks; getting bullied in school, issues with parents, issues with my wife, issues with coworkers, low self-confidence leading to lack of identity, extremely low self-esteem and a constant fear of what might happen next – everything got brought up. Boy, it was hard!

Once we zeroed in on what the exact issues were Graham helped me create a powerful structure for addressing them all and come out of it. He was there with me every step of the way – guiding me through the whole process without taking it over. Just like what you would expect from a great coach. I never thought therapy or coaching could work in real life, but Graham made it happen.

About 4-5 months into the coaching I started getting a good handle on my emotions, stories and reactions, beginning to respond and get connected to an identity which is true to who I really am. I wasn’t lost anymore. With this transformed self came other crucial elements such as my values that support me in how I lead my life and guide me towards my vision.

This rock solid structure meant that I if I ever felt lost I had the tools to find my way again. It was as if the true me started emerging and I was becoming whole. It changed my internal dialogue which was a pivotal period of my life. I was getting less and less anxious, facing everything in a calm and collected manner, understanding my emotions became easier.

Before coaching I just had “bad” feelings- that meant I just felt bad. Now I understand whether it’s sadness, frustration, anger, irritability or something else and I have the tools to manage it without burying them and allowing them to suck my energy. I can take back control fast and make sure my next action works for me.

I am stable and happy, I have no resentment and new life philosophies are emerging for me. My happiness and stability is less and less dependent on external factors, I am more compassionate and loving towards myself, I have balance in my life.

I now have the ability to explore my spiritual side and have transpersonal experiences where I enjoy a higher state of being. It can happen anytime – when I’m taking a walk or just lying down, and when it does, it’s incredible. It’s not extreme happiness or ecstasy- it’s my fully awakened self, being true to who I am without trying to be anyone or anything else. I am aware of what’s happening in my mind, I am mindful.

For this, and everything that has improved my life, I’m wholeheartedly thankful to Graham and his powerful coaching. I’m grateful and consider myself fortunate that I found him and did this early in my life.

Thank you Graham! Running short of words to appreciate you and your help on my journey! Keep changing lives for the better- all the best!” ~AK, Entrepreneur, Singapore.

I am so grateful that Graham agreed to work with me, he would not normally accept clients who are based in the UK, because he is now in Singapore. I had been suffering from acute anxiety that was hijacking my life and stopping me from enjoying even the simplest social events.

Throughout each of my sessions with Graham, I felt understood and supported. He encouraged me to record and keep our sessions, which were on Skype. This has provided me with a sense of reassurance knowing that I can revisit them whenever needed. Having all the practical tools, worksheets, and information sheets saved on to my computer has made them easily accessible. Beyond our scheduled calls, Graham made himself available, extending his support outside of our sessions.

Through Graham’s guidance, I gained insights into my thought patterns and behaviours. He helped me to understand my painful cycle, uncovering my limiting beliefs, and step into my true self with confidence. The techniques he introduced really helped as they offered a practical way to stop overthinking and distinguish between what’s fact and what’s fabricated narrative.

I so appreciate how Graham supported me to deal with my anxiety in the moment, whilst also looking for the root of the anxiety. He helped me to create a safe space in my mind and learn to accept anxiety, not as an enemy to be defeated, but as a part of myself to be understood and managed. Graham has enabled me to be more understanding of others who may also feel uncomfortable in situations, as I have felt like that myself.

Moreover, Graham emphasised the importance of responsibility and control, differentiating between reacting and responding—a pivotal shift in managing my anxiety. His sessions were not only informative but engaging. Graham helped me to incorporate gratitude into my everyday life, which allowed me to be more present.

I really enjoyed being able to separate my emotions and thoughts as if they were separate entities- and were therefore controllable. This was probably my favourite tool as it was not only useful for anxiety, but for other emotions such as my linked depression. Graham covered topics far beyond surface-level discussions, delving into deep and profound topics.

I can see a difference in my attitude towards life and I navigate problems now versus before we started our sessions. I’m becoming more patient with myself, and I am thinking more positively about things. I have definitely felt much less anxious, and when I have, I have had Graham’s voice in my head telling me why I feel anxious and what to do to control it.

I am immensely thankful for his guidance and highly recommend him to anyone embarking on their own path to personal growth and healing. He validated my feelings at a time when I thought that no-one else would understand them. Taking Graham’s skills and coaching onboard will transform how you view life and who you are as a person.” ~ED, University Student, UK.


I was given the opportunity to be part of a Senior Leadership Coaching Programme offered by my organisation. I chose Graham, out of 10 other coaches, because his experience and expertise most aligned with what I hoped to achieve at this stage of my career.  The tools, concepts, and models that I gathered from his coaching were invaluable. I achieved my goal to come out of this programme as a better leader and a better individual, both for my personal and work life. The tools Graham provided are practical and powerful when applied and really bring out the best of me as a leader. I highly recommend Coach Graham to all the leaders out there and I cannot thank him enough for helping me to rediscover my inner strengths and potential.”

~NN, Head of Financial Planning & Analysis, PTP, Malaysia.

I recently completed a life-changing coaching journey with Coach Graham Kean, and I couldn’t be more grateful for its impact on my personal and professional growth. Coming from a small kampung (village), quite far from urban centres in Malaysia, I often found myself grappling with thoughts of inferiority and incompetence, especially in the presence of expatriates, as I navigated my career in a multinational corporation.

Despite overcoming these challenges independently, I struggled to unearth the answers I sought about my true capabilities and potential as a leader. However, upon meeting Graham, everything changed! In a relatively short period Graham provided invaluable insights and guidance that resonated deeply with me. Through our virtual sessions, he helped me uncover my true self, offering clarity and understanding that had eluded me for so long. Graham’s professionalism, compassion and genuine dedication to my growth were evident in every interaction. He created a supportive environment where I felt comfortable exploring my thoughts and emotions while also challenging me to confront my limiting beliefs and take meaningful action toward my goals. His ability to balance empathy with a firm push towards self-reflection and accountability was truly remarkable.

Our sessions were not only enlightening but also enjoyable, thanks to Graham’s engaging demeanor and sincere commitment to my well-being. His unwavering belief in my potential empowered me to confidently embrace my true self that I am kind, calm and strong! In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Graham to anyone seeking life-mastery coaching that combines professionalism, compassion, and impactful results. My journey with Graham has been nothing short of life-changing, and I am deeply grateful for the guidance and support he has provided” ~SM, Project Manager, PTP, Malaysia.


I started seeing Graham in April 2022 in need of some coaching guidance. I was in a space where everything on the surface looked great (lifestyle/ career/ relationship) but I had a niggling feeling of uncertainty about each of these aspects of my life. I wanted a plan to move forward as I often felt that I was getting dragged in so many directions without purpose – following my emotions in my relationship, listening to my insecurities and feeling like an imposter at work. This limited me in being able to step into my true leadership potential and fill my time with meaningful activities. Instead I would agree to plans with friends for the wrong reasons and underrepresent myself at work.

It wasn’t long before Graham helped me uncover my ‘vicious cycle’ which was a common theme holding me back in each of these areas of my life. This wasn’t a quick fix as I felt that the more I understood, the more doors it opened for me to explore. However, this was a fascinating journey and process to understand myself better.

What I loved about Graham’s style of coaching is he focuses on the ‘you – today’. I’ve previously seen many coaches/ therapists that would have me focusing a great deal on the past with no action to move forward. Conversely Graham gave me tools and homework to control the controllable’s. Graham’s style is very grounded and earthy – he will touch on spiritual elements if it makes sense to do so but his advice and references are always very realistic. He also never made me feel like I couldn’t share my whole self with him – his approach is “I’ve probably seen it before or been through it myself” – this created a lot of space for me to be able to trust Graham with whatever I shared.

Through the time I was having sessions with Graham, he was always available on WhatsApp to discuss and advise on anything. I liked this a lot, especially when I was in reaction mode and he would bring me back down to earth and send me wisdom via a voice note. Over time, I just found myself thinking – ‘what would Graham say?’ which became a natural practice for me in learning to respond without following my emotions. 

What I learnt during my coaching time with Graham is, my journey was less about figuring out a ‘plan’ for the future, it was more about figuring out who I was – my limiting beliefs, my true meaning and my values that guide the decisions I make in life. This was, and is, the most liberating feeling for me. I am now empowered to move my life forward in line with a way that feels ‘right’.

I will share that it hasn’t been plain sailing the whole way. I’ve made mistakes that I thought were irreparable and I’ve felt lost and lonely at times. But sticking to this path with Graham was the best investment in time, energy and money I could make. A number of my friends have started seeing Graham and not because I’ve spoken so much about my journey but they can see the genuine transformation in my life and feel inspired to follow a similar path. 

Thank you Graham!” ~CR, Director at Mastercard, Singapore.


I was recommended to Graham by a friend, who was also working with him. I was seeking support to return to work after a burn-out and career break.

Graham worked with me, during this transition back into employment, and I was able to use his coaching to navigate situations around work and my new role. Graham guided me as a leader and supported me with my team.  

But more than that; the powerful coaching also supported me with my family, my marriage and my step children. Through our work we covered all the compartments of my life: self, relationship and professional, with his caring and holistic approach.

I got to uncover my unconscious limiting beliefs and patterns, and to stop identifying myself with them. I learned to look at my past through wisdom, bringing consciousness to the present and breaking the painful cycle that was giving me the same results again and again. This disidentification opened the door for my potential and for my “True Self” to be revealed and shine.

I loved Graham’s structured and organised approach. I was able to make clear progress in between sessions and stay connected to our work. Graham also provided me with tools that I consciously use daily and that I know will accompany me for the rest of my life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart” ~AN, Head of Treasury Operations, Singapore.


I have always struggled with low self-esteem and have felt that it held me back in various aspects of my life for as long as I can remember. Over the past three years, things seemed to be getting progressively worse, with no improvement in my career, personal relationships going nowhere, and a constant sense of stress and anxiety. In the beginning of 2023, I made the decision to bring about a significant change within myself, and fortunately Graham came highly recommended.

I was filled with excitement to embark on this journey with Graham, although I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I particularly appreciated Graham’s direct approach because I believe that in order to make real changes within ourselves, we need to confront the painful truth. Graham is a highly disciplined and punctual coach, qualities that resonate with me deeply.

However, I wasn’t fully prepared for the process of uncovering the painful cycle I was driven by, which had been dragging me down for years and that I was oblivious to. It blocked my potential and kept me stuck. It was a challenging experience as I began to introspect  and evaluate myself, my surroundings, my habits, and my life choices in ways I had never done before. Yet, this turned out to be the best decision I ever made.

If it weren’t for Graham, I don’t believe I would have awakened to the realisation that I needed to break free from my stagnant and unfulfilling life in Singapore and start taking risks. I never expected to arrive at this conclusion, but now I can clearly see how it has revitalised my enthusiasm for life, reduced my stress and anxiety, curbed excessive over thinking, allowing me to witness the unfolding of new opportunities and my potential.

I am eternally grateful to have met Graham and undergone such a life-changing experience. I am now eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead in my journey. Thank you Graham for everything, you were such sunshine in my life for the past 6 months! I will definitely reach out to you again!” ~AH, Sales Consultant, Singapore.


I was reluctant to the idea of coaching initially, having never entered into anything similar and carrying a lot of judgment and misconceptions. But after being recommended Graham by a friend I told myself to approach with an open mind and see what benefits the process could offer.

On meeting Graham I was in a very bad place internally; totally burnt out, suffering from low self-worth and a total absence of my old self. I was also wracked with guilt for feeling this way when on paper I had so much to be grateful for. My confidence was in tatters and I was emotionally on edge constantly.

Graham immediately made me feel at ease; his approach is patient, compassionate and authentic. Over the following few months we worked together regularly and Graham guided me through many versions of myself, supporting me when I was hyper emotional, challenging me when I was facing blockers.

I resonated with Graham’s depth of knowledge on coaching and psychology, he truly is a subject matter expert and handles each session with professionalism and passion for his work. I was able to take the tools Graham provided me with into my everyday life and over time I started to find joy and energy where it had been missing for some time.

Graham is a gifted coach and therapist, who has a unique ability to understand and guide his clients through their own circumstances, tailoring each session to meet their needs. His warm and compassionate approach helped me overcome self-imposed limitations. As a result, today I feel more in control, motivated and optimistic for what lies ahead both personally and professionally.

During the time working with Graham I laughed, I cried, I learned and I transformed, for this I am truly grateful and I could not recommend him more highly.” ~LC, Technology Consultant, Expat, Singapore.


Graham is a godsend for me.

I was introduced to Graham at a very challenging time in my life and he hit the mark. I shied away initially because I didn’t think my English language skills were adequate to have an English coach. However, already in the first session I had the feeling Graham knew what I wanted to say and what I felt when I could not express myself sufficiently. Graham met me with a lot of empathy, patience and understanding.

With the help of his Initial Questionnaire, that illuminated both the current situation and described my vague idea of my future desires, we worked with different tools and methods that Graham used in the coaching sessions and also sent as a kind of working paper for the time between the sessions. The methods and tools are, on the one hand, very simple and can be integrated very intuitively into everyday life. On the other hand, when I used the tools correctly, they are also very intense and fulfilling. Between the sessions Graham was available for me on WhatsApp to give small impulses and support. This framework, paired with Graham as a therapeutic coach, was exactly the safe environment for me to start and get on the path of excellence.

However, I don’t want to hide the fact that this is only half the truth. Something new can only grow if the willingness and the innermost desire of oneself are the driving force behind it. There were many hours of tears, which Graham masterfully accompanied with empathy and clarity. Graham journeys with me along the way. Even when I was moving too fast, even though he knew it was too soon for the next stage, he held me. I sometimes sped up and jumped forward three steps, my inner impatience and desire for change overtook me, when my head took control, my heart and my emotions were still stuck in the past and Graham supported me to navigate this and slow down my process.

The past rests only when we forgive, and our heart will then finds inner peace, for us, for no one else. Being mindful and recognizing the mechanisms and patterns that write our lives, being ‘awake’, even when the day has been stressful and challenging due to my many professional, personal and voluntary commitments is so important to my healing. During the very challenging times special vigilance is urgently needed, to stop, breathe and look for choices. This is the art that takes a lot of energy and requires practice from me. It was during this exhausting time that Graham’s coaching helped me tap into my inner motivation, discipline, and affinity for structure, it helped me to make choices and to continue on my journey with fulfillment and clarity.

This was only one side of the coin; In the second phase of coaching, we defined my defenses, my potential, my qualities and that which distinguishes me. Not how I want to be, but what is slumbering within me and how can I let this aura shine, it’s like my individual recipe of life. This includes the courage to take risks based on my confidence and my strengths. Take the risk or lose the opportunity. My self-confidence increases day by day and I realised who I truly am.

There is no right and no wrong during Graham’s work. All emotions, thoughts, and ways of doing things are accepted as a client at any given moment. Graham channels his unique power using tools and skillful questioning techniques, that allows for a change in my perspective. It allows my potential and strengths to grow. Every process comes at the right time, tapping into my innermost desires, drawing on my willingness and imagination of how things will be different. I am grateful that Graham accompanied me with his kindness, respect and the special way of his appreciation for me.”

Yours faithfully. ~NG, IT Project Manager, Germany.


For as long as I could remember I felt like there was something wrong with me. Like there was so much more to life, and I somehow wasn’t reaching my potential or getting the results I desired. I was stuck. This was me back in 2020 when I engaged Graham to be my coach.

Graham is a master coach. Working with Graham helped me awaken to my negative and unconscious programming and become aware of the self destructive patterns in my life.

His no BS approach helped me identify my deepest wounds and limiting beliefs and develop strategies and interventions to navigate life in a healthier more fulfilling way. I became aware of where I was holding myself back and how to get out of my own way. Since working with Graham I developed more confidence in myself and have grown tremendously both personally and professionally. 

I have developed deeper, more meaningful relationships in my life, been promoted at work, and moved closer to my life purpose. Graham helped me realise that I have been ‘asleep’ most of my life and after working with Graham I have awoken to the possibilities and choices that previously seemed unattainable or impossible. I’ve developed a greater sense of self and overcome many internal barriers. 

Graham was always prepared for our sessions and full of insights, observations, tips and tricks that added immense value to the challenges I was facing.

It is no exaggeration to say that working with Graham has been transformational and I am forever grateful to have Graham as my coach.” ~AA, Head of HRBP, Grab, Singapore.


I have worked in advertising for nearly 40 years. In my wildest dreams I never imagined I’d spend a career working overseas, shooting commercials in exotic locations (and many were), filming commercials with various ‘celebrities’, asking famous actors to read lines of copy again and again, as I thought their delivery could be better… and then run my own successful agency. Plus, be married to an absolutely amazing partner, have two great kids and enjoy a very good life. Success? On the surface, ‘yes’.

Under the surface a very different story. Throughout my career I have never thought I was good enough, I always thought I was a fraud, thinking, ‘one day I’ll be caught out’. I worked extremely long hours worried the work was ‘not good enough’. I’d put my family last to ‘crack that creative brief’. My work always seemed more important. The fear of failure, of being exposed as a charlatan always shouted louder than any achievement. Even with my own successful agency it was the same.

One Sunday, working late again, I realised, well, my wife realised, I needed help. She found Graham. I was very unsure about it. However, I spoke with Graham and from the first session I started to see the world a little differently. After 3 sessions those loud thoughts of ‘you’re not good enough’ quietened. I know they will always be there, if I empower them, but Graham showed me how to think through this.

I have since stopped thinking negatively across a whole raft of things, my work/life balance has improved and my ‘creative self’ has woken up to a new world. In the future if I slip up, and I know I will, I have the tools to think differently, to remind myself I am good and I’m here because ‘I am’. More importantly Graham pointed out, not in words, but over several sessions, that my family played a large role in my success. He didn’t put me on some guilt trip. He woke me up. For too long I had been asleep to their support, I had neglected my family, putting work first. Emotionally I was a desert. Realising this was an awakening. I finally see my success, as our (family) success. Everyone played a part. Especially my wife. 

Throughout my marriage of 35 years, I have put myself and my work first. I have to change and Graham has shown me how. Our sessions were never lectures, I wasn’t beaten up with the angry words of a verbal stick. I never once felt I was broken down needing to be re-built again. Our sessions were open, frank and mind opening. I recommend Graham. If you are looking for a different perspective, a listener, a coach, a decent bloke, someone to re-order your priorities and make you think… and I mean ‘think’, Graham is your man.” ~KG, Founder & Creative Director, Societal, Singapore.


2021 was a difficult year and I was navigating one of the most difficult moments of my life – a moment that had negatively affected my relationships and was a direct result of my own actions. Coaching with Graham was the first time I had received any sort of coaching or counseling and one that I approached with a healthy dose of skepticism.

We spent time digging into my life history and into moments that shaped me, and most crucially, those actions that led me to the challenges I was facing that year. Having never shared many of these personal details, doing so was a cathartic exercise and Graham helped me grasp some of the causal factors driving my behavior.

Through the coaching, I was equipped with tools to understand and even begin to manage these features of my life and personality, alleviating a great deal of anxiety and confusion. One of the most rewarding tools was for me to consciously think about and identify my values, something that seems obvious, but yet I had never attempted. Creating a fluid list of my values allowed me to really think about where I was and what I wanted to achieve.

Additionally and throughout the coaching, Graham drew attention to my choice of language and challenged my thought processes in a way that I found constructive and enlightening. Coaching with Graham has given me a range of tools to get closer to living the life I truly value.”  ~PJ, Google, Singapore.


Having life coaching sessions with Graham was one of the best things that happened to me in 2021, it was inspiring and transformational! 

I’ve just turned 30, my career is still at its early and rising stage, my relationship and health are both in good shape. Life doesn’t seem bad at all, however, only I know that behind this I’m actually on the edge of burn-out, constantly struggling emotionally to keep up and seeking validation from others. I think to myself: isn’t this just part of life, like everyone else? So I just kept going, working longer hours and not maintaining work/life balance.

Until I found Graham I worried that I would be constantly stressed and feared I was incompetent. I wanted to continue thriving in my life and career, but it was getting harder and harder. Graham is a knowledgeable and empathetic coach. He listened and asked the right questions. He provided powerful tools for me to understand the root cause of my painful limiting beliefs. He transformed my thinking and then my behavior. It’s the combination of his expertise, wisdom and empathy that makes Graham one of a kind. 

I’m truly lucky to have met Graham when I’m 30. I know the learnings and changes I have made, because of his coaching, will impact the rest of my career and life as I progress, and I now know I will progress. You don’t have to go to Graham when your life goes south, his coaching is an accelerator to thrive in life at any stage, even when you are young and building your career.

And now I know I have somebody who I can always lean on when life gets tough. ~EZ, Tech Sales Professional, China & Singapore.


More than a year ago, I found myself living life in a constant state of survival and anxiety, not knowing where life was heading. This had built up over several years. Who I was then was affecting my life, my work and my health. I had not only become self-centered but was also allowing judgement, and the need for validation from others, to impact me and bring me down. This controlled the course of my life and my actions every day.

My relationship with my spouse was in turmoil and constantly on the edge, I was spending far more time as a ‘couch potato’ than as a responsible husband and father. I was constantly worrying about where my life and career were heading, and had lost focus, unable to live in the moment and enjoy life’s journey.

Over a period of 10 months life coaching, Graham helped me to reflect deeply, to understand my thoughts, my feelings, my past and how they were affecting my present. He also helped me understand who I had become over time and the root causes of the shadow I was casting on myself, and potentially others. He provided me with several tools that I was able to experiment with. I eventually found ways to tap into these tools and come out of my painful limiting beliefs. I was able to be more mindful of myself and others around me, accept situations and move on. I was able to express myself more freely and boldly.

I have now begun a new journey with a new set of self-beliefs and grounding. While I know that challenges and ambiguities will continue showing up, I am much more confident in how I will deal with them and will take them in my stride. I have already started building a better life for myself and improving the relationship with my loved ones.

Graham’s coaching has had a huge impact at a very fundamental level in my transformation. He genuinely cares about the well-being of his clients, is empathetic and shows compassion, and yet pushes you to reflect deeply and challenge yourself to take action.

In fact, his approach of candidly stating things as they are, calling you out whenever needed and holding you accountable differentiate him from any other coach or counsellor I have ever worked with. I procrastinated so many times on my ‘homework’ during the course of my coaching and he exercised ‘tough love’ to guide me through. I feel assured in knowing I can reach out to him again anytime in the future, if I need any help or guidance.” ~RS, I.T Business Professional, Singapore.


When I first reached out to Graham, it was after yet another episode of binge drinking that continued until the next day. I was wasted, extremely guilty and not able to recollect clearly what I had done over the last 24 hours. This was after having stopped drinking for 3 months, largely due to Covid lock down. I was an alcoholic and had been stuck in a vicious cycle for many, many years. I could go for months without drinking, but once I have just one drink I cannot stop, until I’m almost blacked out. The addiction had ruined my relationship with my wife, caused issues at work and had me plunge into bouts of depression, and social anxiety, on the days that I was not drunk.

I have tried multiple times to reduce / quit alcohol and had even visited an addiction center for treatment. However, they only looked at, and tried to treat, the symptoms, they just worked at a surface level. It was Graham who helped me to understand the root causes; the why I was drinking and get underneath it. He helped me understand  how my past influenced my internal narrative and how I used alcohol to numb the pain and avoid responsibility. This is how I ended up hooked on alcohol and stuck in an endless, self destructive loop. With Graham’s guidance I was able to understand my patterns and how they all stem from the pain of my past. I was able to transform my ‘self-narrative’ and take new actions to create the conditions for my success and healing. One of these actions has been to cut ties with drinking buddies. Graham introduced me to  numerous powerful tools and frameworks to guide me on my healing journey. This included identifying, and working on, my core values, which have become my guiding lights. 

The result of working with Graham, is 250 days of sobriety and I now have no trouble declining invitations to drinks, my relationship with my wife is prospering for the first time and I recently got promoted to Vice President at work. I am extremely happy, without Graham’s coaching none of this would have been possible. Above all, I have improved my self-confidence and self-esteem, giving me a great sense of personal satisfaction, peace and joy.

Working with Graham is transformative and life changing. If you want someone to sugar coat, and say nice things you want to hear, then Graham is not the one you should reach out to, but if you want to really work on transforming your life, and getting what you have always wanted, he is the right coach for you!

I’m extremely grateful and thankful to Graham for all the support he has given me and highly recommend his services. I have no doubt that his skills and expertise will immensely benefit anyone looking to overcome addiction, or any issues they are facing that hold them back.” ~SK, I.T Professional, Singapore.


I grew up a small-town farm kid from Saskatchewan, Canada and my long professional journey brought me to Singapore 3 years ago working as an expat managing our company’s Southeast Asia agriculture commodity business. I’d rarely left my rural home province and had never been to Asia before, but I was hungry for the new exciting challenge and opportunity, throwing myself into the role with almost reckless abandon. Needless to say, it was a whirlwind of change and there were struggles in transitioning and adapting to the new and vastly different culture, work environment and life. There are many challenges we can see, face head-on and adjust to accordingly, but there are also many nuances that we don’t always see, or as Graham says; “we are asleep to”. I was lacking direction and confidence in the beginning and relying on everyone but myself because I was new here in Singapore. I was going through grief and darkness, feeling very alone away from friends, family and community for the first time, then tragedy struck my family back in Canada, during my first year away, which sent me spiralling. I felt I gave everything I had to everyone during my first year, and was left broken down emotionally and physically, about to be let go from my role, with nothing left but ‘reasons and excuses’ by year end.
My coaching transformation began after that first very challenging year. My initial reason for seeking Graham out was because I thought I could be heading for a crash and needed to protect myself, and possibly needing to prepare to start over my career. With Graham’s coaching, we did start over, but not the way I imagined. I had many powerful attributes, values and different parts of my personality which suited me up to that point, but I didn’t understand them enough and wasn’t allocating them in a way that served me anymore. They were even working against me to a certain extent in this changed environment. Graham and I worked together, broke everything down, dived back into my past; uncovered pain, old limiting beliefs and patterns that were holding me back and sending me into a downward spiral. We LOCKED IN those pivotal values and strengths while adding new powerful tools to my arsenal. It took some work, but it was fun and I could feel myself already turning an important corner in just the first couple months of Graham’s coaching. But more importantly, I felt I had the steering wheel for the first time…in a long time, and was looking forward not backward.
By the end of my second year of coaching, I was no longer struggling; in fact I was very much thriving in my role, blowing the doors off the expectations of my bosses and breaking new ground. I received multiple pay increases and accolades, all this while completing a masters degree course. But, more importantly, I gained a deeper, newfound confidence and passion in my life and work. Now in my third year, I am continuing to carve out my vision and see further success in my career, also in my personal life, health, well-being and overall happiness. I’m as fit as a fiddle, beaming with gratitude and no longer feel alone. I have the ‘superhero’ support of my coach in my corner, and a strong circle of people around me. I’m truly living the life I dreamed about back then, while growing up in the middle of nowhere Canada.
Coach, thanks so much for everything, and sticking with me through it all. The journey is far from over but I’m excited for the next leg.” ~MJ, Canadian Expat, Marketing Manager, Singapore, Southeast Asia.

For as long as I remember, I thought of myself as not being good enough and considering myself a failure. I always justified successes, personal and professional, to be the result of chance. Graham worked with me to understand that ‘I am who I am’, and that I am responsible for what happened to me. If I am successful it is because I worked for it and I deserve it.

Because of my work with Graham, I also understood, and embraced, that I am a compassionate being, and this compassion helps me to be a better leader, husband and father. For all these years I thought of it as a weakness, I now understand it is my biggest strength! Leveraging on this new understanding of myself, I was able to secure a promotion in a matter of months, something that had been eluding me for some time.

Because of my work with Graham, I understood that my boss’ lack of trust in myself, and everybody else, was not because of something I did, or did not, do! Graham’s coaching enabled me to summon the courage to change position within the organisation as soon as possible, and my quality of life immediately improved.

This is just the tip of my coaching iceberg . Because of my work with Graham, I was able to connect with myself in ways I did not know was possible. I was able to understand my values and what I stand for. This significantly helped me better map my life’s expedition. I awoke to something more than I ever thought possible, it was a true breakthrough for me.” ~DP, Director, BNP Paribas, Singapore.


My work with Graham changed my life. I worked with Graham first as my life coach, then as my psychotherapist whilst in the midst of a breakdown, as I needed the containment of a more therapeutic approach. As an expat child I grew up in Singapore, this was the first major transition in my life and it was not easy. I went back and forth from the UK to Singapore over time and then stayed in Asia working on a remote Island location as a resort manager. My time managing that resort was coming to an end, I was away from family and friends, in a part of the world I knew well but with very little support. I knew I would need help during that transition and I approached Graham for life coaching. He gave me exactly what I needed; a safe, non-judgmental, supportive environment to explore what I needed to shift, what I wanted to achieve and what I wanted to let go of. Through our work I found the courage to end an emotionally abusive relationship, pass my driving test, find a new job, quit that job and move back to the UK.

It was then I lost control of my life and had a breakdown. It was all a lot of change in a very small amount of time and my world was spiralling away from me. Graham changed his way of working with me and created a powerful container for me to heal. I spoke to Graham daily during my lowest moments. I contemplated suicide, but with Graham on the other end of the phone, WhatsApp, emails and our regular Skype sessions, I got through it.

Graham is honest, he has a no bullshit approach and he tells you how it is. He knew what I needed and when I needed it. I worked with Graham for almost two years and he will be my coach for life. I am grateful to Graham for allowing, and encouraging, me to see my full potential. I have recently qualified as a Yoga Teacher, which took me to India for my training, and now my life continues to move upwards. I have a hefty tool box that Graham has given me and I return to it as I need it, when the low days arrive, but I’m not scared to fully live anymore. I’m not scared to be me. Through stripping back the layers with Graham, visiting some of the shadowy past, and facing myself head on I have grown emotionally, spiritually and mentally. I am achieving things I never thought possible; I’m in a loving relationship, with someone who treats me very well, and I am continuing my self-development journey all of the time.

Who knows what the future holds, but I feel ready for it.” ~CA, Yoga Teacher, UK.


I am currently the conductor and Music Director of a large symphony orchestra in the United States and work additionally as guest conductor internationally. I have been working with Graham Kean for three years.

Graham’s insight has been central to my success, and more importantly has helped me process earlier difficult and traumatic events. At the start of every session I seem to have thoughts and feelings lying at the edge of my perception that I can’t quite nail down; without exception by the end of our conversation Graham has helped me to identify, process and put these thoughts and emotions into context and helped me to build a positive way forward.

He has helped me fulfill lifelong goals by unblocking some of the barriers that I have put in my own way and helped me to be happier and more conscious. I can tell you that there is no way I could have got to where I am today without him. His support, wisdom and empathy has made me a better, happier person and helped me find a life that is rich with love and music!

I would recommend Graham to anyone seeking to find greater fulfillment, happiness and success.” ~JL, Conductor and Music Director, Europe and USA.


I was introduced to Graham by an ex-colleague who knew that I had been struggling with self-esteem issues for a long time, which was affecting me personally and professionally. To an outsider, it looked like I had it made; I am a homeowner, I have a job in a multi-national company that affords a certain lifestyle and I was seemingly confident.

Yet I knew that I wasn’t very happy in my career, I was insecure and self-sabotaging and never able to be myself or identify my needs, let alone articulate them. That’s who I was when I started working with Graham. We spent a good six to nine months uncovering what was really at the heart of my issues; what was causing me to take actions that weren’t in my best interests?

We went back to my childhood, my teenage years and working life to explore what led to who I am today – what is my vicious cycle meaning – and from there, created a new meaning to take actions from and slowly step into becoming the person I would like to be. It hasn’t been easy to stay the course, especially since I was going through some personal and professional challenges. This transformation takes a lot of consideration, constant awareness of staying awake to the vicious cycle and making sure I don’t self-sabotage.

I’m still in the process of coaching, it has been almost a year now. The changes I have seen so far have definitely been powerful and opened me to vulnerability, which has facilitated creativity and a new level of self-esteem. Being open with the people around me on what my needs are and seeking clarity have been key to make changes in my life. It has also made me a more empathetic person and unafraid to say “me too”. As a leader I have developed a new and exciting confidence that has supported me in my career. I haven’t always enjoyed all the changes that I’ve had to make, but all the changes have helped me embark on a journey to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

That journey continues, being in coaching with Graham is the best decision I could have ever made, a very good investment.” ~CL, Senior Manager, TripAdvisor, Singapore.


I have worked with Graham and found him after some considerable time searching for the right person. The area he works in is a very personal one where it is essential that you have the right degree of chemistry and confidence in your coach – and that was the single driving factor in my making the decision to work with him.

My experience of working with him was entirely positive – knowing that I was not the usual candidate he might work with being rather older than most. His sessions with me built steadily on well thought through tools and techniques and gave me the confidence and direction I was lacking in a way that was entirely empathetic. He achieved a significant and profound change in my personal situation and I have nothing but praise and thanks for his work.

I am sure many fellow Singaporeans would benefit immediately from his skills, experience and personal approach.” ~Nigel, Business Director, Singapore.


I found Graham when I was completely lost. We had moved to Singapore for my husband’s job and I had a lot of plans to use the, more than welcome, break from my job to find something I really wanted to do. I am a chemist, but had been searching for the ‘right’ job in various fields for a couple of years already, always ending up disappointed and frustrated. In Singapore what I discovered instead of ideas and options was frightening emptiness. I found that I did not have a clue who I was – or wanted to be – at all. I had no idea what I wanted to try out, even what I might be interested in. I was sad, tired and demotivated. I hurled myself into activities, tried psychotherapy and, as a last attempt, contacted Graham for  career coaching – maybe I just needed to find a new job to get out of the misery?

Well, Graham’s coaching quickly turned out to be the most helpful ‘therapy’ I have ever had! After only a couple of sessions I quit psychotherapy with the therapist I had been seeing for a month. Graham started finding the root causes for my unhappiness and behaviours. It felt like a very systematic approach to me, one step after another and Graham always made sure that we really nailed down the essence of each step. It was amazing how I suddenly felt like I was actually moving forward!

I have never experienced anything like that in any coaching or psychotherapy before. Graham helped me understand my vicious cycle – the ‘meaning’ I created from my past experiences – which made me act the way I did and influenced my decisions. As soon as I was aware of what was going on my ‘new meaning’ slowly unfolded. I suddenly felt connected to myself again, felt more energetic and really motivated to reinvent myself. It took a while to get there and it involved a lot of homework, tears of frustration and helplessness, but also so many revelations and pure joy. It’s nothing you can hurry, as Graham said, but he guided me there always confident, reassuring and supportive. During the 5 months of coaching we talked through ‘sub-personalities’, ‘values’, ‘purpose’ and my ‘true-self’. I am not sure when I last felt so much self-awareness, I felt like my self again and I’m just at the beginning of this wonderful journey!

Thank you so much for doing what you do, and being who you are, Graham!” ~Annika, Ph.D. Currently Expat Wife, from Germany, Living in Singapore.


After leaving my husband, losing my grandmother, my house sale & purchase falling through, relocating my business and moving back to my mother’s house – all within 10 days, I had no idea who to turn to. I was in pieces and an anxious wreak.

Luckily a good friend had told me about her experience with Graham Kean and had given me his details a few months previously. So when this breaking point in my life happened I had no choice but to reach out and I am so glad I did.

After my coaching sessions with Graham I understand myself better in different ways; I have more control of myself and the way I feel and act. I am so much more aware. I most importantly have so much more self-worth and confidence, something I lacked in terribly.

I cannot recommend Graham enough, I wouldn’t know where to start with thanking him for all his time invested in me. I am not sure where I would be right now if I didn’t have his help and guidance.” ~Roselle, Business Owner, Cambridgeshire, England, UK.


It was some time back in August, 2018 when I felt really hopeless; I was literally lost. I did not know where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do or who I wanted to be. I did not know how I decide what is best for me and when should I make that decision. There was so much that I think I needed to ‘fix’ that I decided to get myself a Career Coaching experience with Graham Kean. My initial target was to get myself ‘fixed’ and as we moved through the different sessions I slowly came to realise, with the guidance of Graham, that there was so much pressure that came from within me and from the least expected outside sources, which I never even suspected.

The coaching helped me realise that I could put the right energy and focus on other alternatives rather than staying in my comfort zone, which deterred my progress. Graham helped guide me to reflect on my qualities, be self-reliant and to take charge of the situation by being aware of my limiting beliefs. He showed me how I could prepare myself everyday to be a winner.

The outcome from the sessions made me realise that it was never about changing myself, it was essentially about becoming more me, discovering who I am meant to be. It was a powerful journey that went way beyond just my career, it was about making the best of who I can be using the qualities that are uniquely ME. We can ultimately be our own ‘X Factor’ and market ourselves properly to be recognised for what we have to offer the world. I will continue to believe in myself. I am really happy that Graham took me into his coaching practice and worked with me, it certainly was a good learning experience.

Thank you so much Graham.” ~Ms. J, Head of Sales, Malaysian, living in Kuala Lumpur.


Turning 40 is a milestone that gets some people to reassess their lives.  In my case, by most standards, it was all great: lovely family, good friends, nice career, healthy body… One could hardly ask for more to be happy, and yet something deep inside did not allow that happiness to flow. I had approached a life coach sometime before who suggested that it all seemed to be going pretty well and that there was little room to deliver a transformation for me. The fact is that something was still off. It was not a big glaring issue, but I knew something was not right. This is how I came to contact Graham Kean for a second opinion. As I later found out, Graham does not just look at addressing the symptoms, which in my case were minimal. Instead, he is very focused on digging deep and getting to the root causes of what is holding someone back. Once that gets fixed, the rest flows by itself.

During the 3 months of coaching I had with Graham, I was able to take the time to look into myself and know myself a lot better. It was emotional at times. I was guided to ask myself many questions and discovered eye opening answers and distinctions. We all carry some emotional baggage from the past that plays on our minds, whether we are conscious of it or not. Graham calls this the Vicious Cycle. Once you identify this cycle clearly and learn to deal with it, you can free yourself from it and achieve higher levels of harmony and serenity.

Developing my list of ‘core values’ was another life changing experience. I would never have put so much time, thought and energy into it, had it not been for Graham’s powerful coaching process. I still remember feeling very happy with myself about the first list of values I had elaborated. Graham warned me that he would question each and every one of them and that it was going to be painful. After that first review, I felt destroyed. The reality is that the values I had come up with in my first attempt were not really core values, they were duties and obligations. They didn’t nourish my soul, they were a weight I carried around. Seven revisions later, I had decluttered five crystal clear values that truly reflected my soul. They are now the guiding values by which I measure my success. This is a transformation that will stay with me for many years to come.

I highly recommend Graham as a Life Coach to anyone who wants to live a happier, more meaningful life, aligned with who he/she is at the core.” ~Denis M, European Expat, APAC Sales Manager for a manufacturer of custom engineered technical products, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I started seeing Graham earlier this year as I was struggling to deal with anger issues which were threatening my relationship with my partner. I knew my reactions were not proportional but I couldn’t see a way out of them and they were happening more and more regularly. The year before I had lost a family member and I hadn’t really dealt with the grief, instead it was ambushing me and hiding in my daily reactions.

Through my time with Graham, I was able to recognise more readily the sources of my anger but more importantly reduce the occurrences of the anger in the first place. I still have work to do but in general I am a lot calmer, a lot more ‘me’ more of the time. I also have a better grasp of my own feelings which previously I had really struggled to identify. I still have tough days, I still have the occasional angry burst, but due to my time with Graham I can work through these episodes more quickly than I would have before. 

I know doing the sessions with Graham has changed my life for the better.” ~LS, Expat Female, 34, Production Manager, Malaysia.


Graham Kean has been coaching me for almost a year.  I can honestly say that I have experienced a major shift at the deepest level of how I feel about myself, and thus, in the choices I make and the happiness I feel.  I have always had a deep-rooted feeling of being under serving or lesser than other people. This force has been destructive in so many ways, for example; in self-sabotaging things I’ve worked so hard for and wanted so badly.

With Graham’s excellent coaching ability helping me get to the root of my issues, I have literally let go of the darkest shadows that have defined me my whole life. Only now can I see what a huge emotional weight I have been carrying around. I’ve never felt this light and peaceful in my life. I am now more authentic, happier, and for the first time I am feeling unconditional love for, and trust in, myself.

This is quite incredible to me because in all my adult life I have attempted many times to rid myself of these dark shadows through therapy, reading, seminars, workshops and other forms of help, this ‘re-birth’ has only happened through his coaching. Graham was totally committed, caring and skilled. 

If you decide to have coaching, I strongly recommend Graham Kean.” ~Marianna P, Career Woman and Single Mother, Malaysia & Singapore.


I have just completed my first experience working with a Life Coach. It was so much more than I had expected and I wish I had done it ages ago. It very much transformed the way I’ve thought about, and managed, some critical areas of my life.

Graham is a Master Life Coach and coached professionally in the UK for decades. He’s based in Johor Bahru, Malaysia for now! You can see him in person or via Skype. He has clients worldwide.

I very highly recommend Graham if there is something in your life that has been preventing you from moving forward. He expects a strong commitment and he gives back in every way.”  ~MP, Communication Trainer, Singapore & Malaysia.


I first met Graham at a workshop he delivered for the ‘International Women’s Association’ (IWA) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, but first a little background on me: I have been an expat for more than 23 years, travelling around the world with my husband and 2 children. A couple of years back our last child left for University and the “empty nest” really hit me hard, and I felt quite alone during the long days by myself. 

In general I have a hard time approaching people I don’t know, something that came much easier to me earlier in life, as being a parent meant meeting other parents when picking up the kids from school, etc. So during the long days in the first months in Malaysia I started thinking; why is it so hard for me? Why is it that I just can’t go to the tennis club and start playing like other’s can? So, back to Graham….

During the workshop with Graham, and the IWA, he asked us do a series of exercises which involved sharing about ourselves in the group. One was to share your strengths and weaknesses. For some it seemed very easy to list strengths, and more difficult finding, and talking about, their weaknesses. It was, however, the other way around for me. Several other exercises left me with the same picture of myself. Once at home, and thinking about what I had experienced, I came to the conclusion that the problems I was experiencing could be associated with low self-esteem.

So, after spending a couple of days building sufficient courage, I contacted Graham. He had impacted me in the workshop, and I felt that his coaching could help me with my situation. I signed up for 16 sessions, face to face.

Working with Graham has been such a positive experience:

  • He helped me to rediscover my strengths.
  • Deal with my weaknesses, making me realise that some of what I saw as weaknesses were actually strengths.
  • I was, when we started the sessions, what many would categorise as “a pleaser”. Something that didn’t do me a lot of good, as I didn’t get a lot in return. Worse was that I did not see this. I did not realise that I was setting my own desires aside to please others.
  • Graham helped me realise that there needs to be a balance in giving and receiving. He helped me see the situations where it occurs most and he taught me that it is perfectly OK to say: “No thank you, I have something else planned.” Something I struggled with before the coaching.
  • Graham helped me think about things, directed me, asked me the right questions and allowed me to eventually come up with the answers. Always making it my solution, making me the owner, and more importantly making the solution be one that was in balance with me, my personality and my values.

I warmly recommend Graham. He made a real difference for me during my time in Malaysia, and now, 3 months into my next “adventure” in Costa Rica, his work with me is still making a difference. For what it’s worth, he will always be my life coach.” ~Jannie Uglvig, Expat Wife (Danish of birth). Living in Costa Rica.


Before I started my journey with Graham I’d been through several months of significant changes in my life ranging from the bereavements of two close family members, moving house (twice), and a complex work project. Individually I would have worked through each of these, but combined they created a significant demand on my attention and time. I realised that it was extremely important for me to focus some time on me, and get things back in order, so contacted Graham for some expert advice and guidance. 

Graham provided the appropriate support as the coaching progressed. This ranged from tools to help provide clarity, perspective and relieve night-time worries, through to enabling self-awareness and ultimately self-management of behaviour drivers such as sub-personalities, and vicious cycle.

Through Graham’s careful coaching and mentoring I feel able to use my new self-knowledge and awareness to my advantage. I have a clear future vision, and understand the key activities and steps that need to be in place to make that vision a reality, as well as techniques for the early identification and management of potential pitfalls. 

Working with Graham has been a very positive experience, and I always left each session feeling upbeat and optimistic. Graham has great insight and humour, and his questions can be challenging to answer – but the maximum benefit is only derived if you invest the time in yourself and are open and honest with your answers.

I heartily recommend Graham as a Master Coach to anyone who is going through times of change, or wants to make and achieve changes in their own lives. 

Thank you Graham, it’s been a pleasure working with you.”  ~Peter Tanner, Head of Supply Chain Advancement – Merck Life Sciences, UK.


I am so excited to tell anyone that has ever thought about online Skype coaching with Graham Kean that it will be the best decision you’ll ever make for yourself! I began working with Graham as my Life Coach last year. It’s one of the best and most important decisions I’ve ever made. As a coach, Graham offers support with positive insightful suggestions to help me think about what I really want in life and how to proceed on my journey.

Graham is kind and compassionate; helping you find the answers to your questions. I had no idea how this process would change my world. I highly recommend him!

Life Mastery by Graham Kean is his wonderful Facebook page that offers uplifting inspirational wisdom. It has always inspired me to think about life and in some cases helped me find answers to life issues through Graham’s thought provoking posts. His coaching is his page in action!

So far so good. THANK YOU SO MUCH!”  ~Joy, Laurel, Mississippi, USA.


We want to acknowledge one of our senior trainers: Graham Kean. Graham has been involved with Youth at Risk (now Grit) since the very beginning as a volunteer, member of staff and now as a highly-skilled trainer. He has delivered transformational training to thousands of young people and adults as well as creating, and designing, one of our longest-standing programmes in Knowsley, working to support people into employment. 

Graham has been instrumental in delivering our recent Barnet Mentors programme as well as our Sunderland Carers programme and we know he has been taken into the hearts of many participants across the UK. I have always particularly admired Graham’s honesty, courage, insight and humour – he has a lovely ability to connect with anyone whilst staying authentic to himself – not an easy quality to maintain. 

Graham is now embarking on a new adventure in Asia, we will miss him sorely but he will remain always in the Youth at Risk (Grit) heart. From all of us …. Staff, trainers, volunteers and young people…THANK YOU.”  ~Ellie Garraway, Chief Executive Officer – Grit: breakthrough programmes, UK.


Dear Graham. Throughout our coaching sessions, you have helped me to discover many of my strengths, weaknesses and certain unconscious sabotaging patterns, and taught me ways to release them by giving me new perspectives.

This experience has given me positive results in my ability to become more fully self-expressed, have greater clarity, and discernment, which is helping me to evolve, be in alignment with my values and true essence.

At this point anything is possible for me, I will continue to effectively apply this knowledge that can only result in better health, fulfillment, empowering authentic relationships, and success within my business.Thank you.  ~Maria Defillo, Insurance Consultant – Defillo Insurance Services, Miami, Florida, USA.


Dear Graham. I wanted to write something publicly and as my time is limited, I go on my own travels to South Africa on Wednesday, I thought I would do it now. Even though it is not goodbye forever, no doubt we will keep in touch, I just want to say; 17 years ago when I first met you on a ‘Youth at Risk’ Programme in Buckinghamshire a lot of people had given up on me, at times, including myself. Over the years you have been someone who I look up to and have always been able to turn to when things didn’t seem as if they were making sense and your words, albeit not all the time you thought I listened, set me in good stead. 

Thank you very much for all your support over the years and thank you for having a massive impact on my life. Big Hugs and all the best for the upcoming new chapter in your life. Gary.”  ~Gary TopleyAlcohol Awareness Specialist, UK.


Graham was recommended to me as a very experienced and empathetic coach to support me with a very specific personal challenge. We worked together for a period of six months. During this time he was able to bring the new perspective that I was looking for. His direct style, his openness, experience and curiosity were a great support, yet sufficiently challenging to make me rethink some of my views and patterns.

I found Graham to be very knowledgeable, passionate about his work yet always deeply caring to ensure a rewarding transformational experience.

I very much enjoyed working with Graham and can highly recommend him for your transformational journey.”  ~Steffen Raetzer, Managing Director – Positive Energy Buildings SA, Geneva Area, Switzerland.


Ive commissioned Graham to work with long term unemployed adults on many occasions over the last 12 years. He is much more than a highly skilled coach and trainer! He has a unique way of engaging with people, and is highly focused on supporting them to realise their goals through overcoming often deep-seated barriers.

He is fun, dynamic, professional, highly effective and a real asset to anyone. Go hire him!”  ~Tracy Fishwick OBE, MD Transform Lives Co; Chair Groundwork CLM; Director, People’s Powerhouse CIC.


Graham was one of the people who inspired me to become a coach myself. I was lucky enough to have Graham as my coach and trainer. He is a natural coach, deeply empathetic and sensitive to client needs. He is also a strong leader who questions deeply, challenges appropriately and is extremely intuitive and perceptive. Anyone who works with Graham is bound to make amazing breakthroughs.

I recommend Graham as a coach, trainer and facilitator wholeheartedly”  ~Alison Davis MA, CV CC, IAC MMC, Coach & Facilitator – Positive Energy Coaching, South of France.


I have worked with Graham to deliver a ‘Coaching for Success’ schools programme and I have also attended other training days with Graham. Graham is highly experienced in his field, he has no problems in holding and engaging a large group, his approach is thorough and spontaneous allowing the participants to engage and explore freely and at the same time keeping control and maintaining clear boundaries.

Graham’s sincerity and warmth shines through which is why he produces such great results!”  ~I-Lan Hamilton, Personal Performance Life Coach and Personal Development Trainer, UK.


Graham has a ‘Bifocal’ context, impressive and intuitive professional & theraputic skills built upon a really good heart and a passion for people”  ~Roger Evans, Co-Founder & Director – The Institute Of Psychosynthesis, London, UK.


Graham is a real talent both as a coach and a trainer. Youth at Risk (now Grit: breakthrough programmes) is a national provider of high quality transformational work with young people, and those who support them, in this context I can testify to Graham’s consistent excellence.

I have no hesitation in recommending him. Be prepared for a dynamic passionate professional to engage in either group or individual transformation. Graham delivers and gets results through his skill and belief in human potential” ~Neil Wragg MBE, Chief Executive (Retired) – Grit: breakthrough programmes, UK.


Graham is an extraordinarily gifted trainer and coach. His unique talent is supported by his ability to blend light hearted humour, with clarity of purpose, passionate enthusiasm, tempered with a well honed trainer tool kit, that, when combined, makes for an inspiring leader who has the capability of reaching the hearts and minds of participants, calling them out to emerge more powerful and confident than they previously experienced themselves to be.

Graham is always a delight to work with, a rare and invaluable resource and an approachable and trusted facilitation partner”  ~Jeannie Horsfield, Managing Director – Stepping Stones UK.


I love working with Graham. It is rare to find a trainer and coach so genuinely committed to the personal development and happiness of others. I’ve thought a great deal about the possible secrets of his success. And for me it is rooted in a simple but powerful principle: he always brings the whole of himself to work…passionate, knowledgeable, insightful, and fun.

All these qualities, and many more, make learning and working with Graham: a rewarding, challenging and transformational experience. It doesn’t get better than that”  ~Janeena Sims, Director – Park Sims Associates, UK.


With a unique style and ability to connect with the people he works with, Graham is the best coach that I have had the pleasure of working with. He has the ability to impact the challenging aspects of a person’s life without compromising and yielding to confrontation. Where other coaches may stop, having reached their own limitations, Graham continues to guide and support. This is achieved whilst still maintaining respect, compassion and commitment to the personal transformation of everyone he works with.

Combine this with the other skills and qualifications that Graham possesses and you have a formidable and valuable asset who has significant impact on people from all backgrounds, from private or public sectors”  ~Paul Green, Business Expert & Author – NN coNNect, UK.

Coaching Singapore Review

Coaching Singapore Review