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graham keanWelcome To My Website

Life coaching that offers powerful, positive, practical solutions for the challenges you face in life.

Are you motivated to make changes in your life right now?

Are you ready to participate in a caring, dynamic, therapeutic coaching journey that will transform you, inspire you and bring positive changes to your life, relationships and work?

Are you ready to commit to a course of coaching sessions that will interrupt your ‘business as usual’ and give you new and powerful tools to deal with the problems that have been holding you back from living your life fully and achieving what you say you want?

If you can answer yes to these questions then you are ready to start working on you, and beginning your transformation!

I know it is a BIG step and it can be very scary to commit to lasting change and carve out the future you say you want. We need extra support, and this is where life coaching can help.

I love to work with people who are hungry for personal development, or people who are struggling with self confidence and esteem, people who have lost direction, or are in crisis. This can be in any area of life. Life means nothing but the meaning we give it… simple, but not easy.

As an intuitive, therapeutic coach, my life coaching facilitates the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist my clients in making real and lasting change. I will work with you to create a pathway to your success…whatever that success may look like for you. It is your choice and you do the work…I am your guide. Check out my coaching certification and psychotherapy qualification.

I am an empath. This enables me to connect with my clients intuitively, and to work with them at a very deep level. It also enables me to sense the unspoken and work with shadow. I never shy away from the shadows, I will listen and work with you to gain release and freedom. I draw on all of my life experiences and training to support me, but what is most important to me is being able to contribute…to you, on your journey.

This site is designed to give a brief overview of my work and practice.

Thanks for taking the time to have a look.

Please have a look at my video below, it will help you to understand the coaching I offer and help you to begin to get to know me:

Please browse the rest of my website to find out more about how I will be able to help you and what to expect from me as your coach. Check out the clients I work with and what they say about me. My areas of speciality are:

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