coachingCoaching is proved increasingly to be highly valuable in assisting individuals and organisations in achieving their goals, whilst also enhancing the self-confidence, self-esteem & motivation of the participants.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a partnership, as your coach I will journey with you, but you will do the work, it will be thought provoking, creative, challenging, inspiring and safe. Coaching is a process that will maximise your personal and / or professional potential.

As a Master Coach I will listen and observe, I will say what I see even if you may not want to hear it in that moment, but I will do so with compassion and love. Together we will elicit solutions and strategies that will support you in moving on with your life in a powerful and confident way.

I can only work with what you bring to our session, and what you bring will be confidential to us, our relationship will be based on mutual trust and respect. I am not here to be your friend, I am not that interested in whether you like me or not, that is not my role. Sometimes you may struggle, in those times I will not collude with you, I will not attempt to make you feel better, but I will offer you guidance based on years of experience and training.

As your coach I am your ally, champion and companion on your journey to your goals. I will acknowledge your efforts, encourage and challenge you to step beyond those inhibiting, self imposed limiting beliefs, so you can create the life, work, relationships and quality of life you aspire to have.

Many of my clients come to me with issues of self-confidence, self-worth & self-esteem. They tell me that they believe they are not good enough, that they lack what it takes or they need something more than they have to succeed. Often something has happened in their past to contribute to these self negating thoughts. I work with them to overcome this and break the patterns that have held them, and continue to hold them.

The benefits of Coaching are:

  • Facilitate the exploration of needs, motivations, desires, skills and thought processes to assist the individual in making real, lasting change.
  • Observe, listen and ask questions to understand the client’s situation.
  • Creatively apply tools and techniques which may include one-to-one training, facilitating & networking.
  • Maintain unconditional positive regard for the client, which means that the coach is at all times supportive and non-judgemental of the client, their views, lifestyle and aspirations.
  • Enables the client to encourage a commitment to action and the development of lasting personal growth & change.
  • Access inner resources, passion and motivation to fuel themselves to create and take action.
  • Support the client in setting appropriate goals and methods of assessing progress in relation to these goals.
  • Encourage clients to continually improve competencies and to develop new developmental alliances where necessary to achieve their goals.

Here’s feedback from a client:

Dear Graham. Throughout our coaching sessions, you have helped me to discover many of my strengths, weaknesses and certain unconscious sabotaging patterns, and taught me ways to release them by giving me new perspectives.

This experience has given me positive results in my ability to become more fully self-expressed, have greater clarity, and discernment, which is helping me to evolve, be in alignment with my values and true essence.

At this point anything is possible for me, I will continue to effectively apply this knowledge that can only result in better health, fulfilment, empowering authentic relationships, and success within my business.

Thank you, Maria Defillo.

Insurance Consultant, Defillo Insurance Services, Miami, Florida, USA

Skype Coaching

I run a very successful Skype Coaching Practice. This allows me to work internationally. Most people do not have the time to work face to face with a coach. I offer the opportunity of one to one coaching sessions over the internet, with, or without video. It is the next best thing and is proving more and more popular with my clients.

Coaching for Life

I believe our lives are based in cycles, we create cycles to survive. Something happens in our past and we feel the feelings and emotions attached to that happening. We make it mean something about us, you could say that we create a ‘conversation about ourselves’. We then act out of this conversation e.g. take drugs or drink, withdraw, self harm, fight, over work, gamble or shut out family / friends. There are benefits to these behaviours and actions but there are also costs.

I work with people to support them in transforming the cycles that are not working for them, that hold them back, and in some cases destroy their lives, and then support them to take steps to achieve their goals.

The price of each session depends on how many you require, as I offer a discount for booking a course of sessions, 3 months and 6 months. To get maximum benefit I usually recommend that you have 4-6 sessions, once every week or 2 weeks to start with and see how we go. This is a guide and services can be tailored around your requirements. I am very flexible.

Coaching for Transition

As an expat living in Malaysia I know well the difficulties facing people as they move from one country to another, from one continent to another.

I have been a Life Coach for many years and coached hundreds of people impacting issues and difficulties, confidence and progression with people all over the world. Moving to Malaysia is one of the hardest transitions I have ever had to make. It can be any major life change, but making a move and stepping outside your comfort zone is tough.

There is a call for support in this area so I developed Life Transition Coaching. Every change in life is situational, every transition is psychological. All transitions begin with an ending, this takes time to deal with and this is one of the main areas the coaching supports. Then there is a new beginning and with this can come fear, anxiety, loss and isolation.

I will support you in working through the challenges you are facing so that you don’t have to face them alone. I will support you in creating a lasting plan that will take you into your new life as you bring about change step by step.

Wanderer, there is no path, the path is made by walking. By walking one makes the path, and upon glancing behind one sees the track that never will be trod again.

~Antonio Machado (Poet)

Find out more about “Our Coaching Relationship” Click to download.

Coaching for Recovery 

I have worked with adults old and young to maintain the path to recovery after prolonged drug and alcohol abuse. As part of my training in Psychosynthesis (which is a Psychospiritual tradition) I was trained in, and explored, the 12 Steps Process and this informs my work in the area of recovery. One of the key projects I was responsible for was working with the carers of drug and alcohol abusers. I designed and delivered a 6 month personal development programme to support mothers and wives living with addicts. Much of my work in recovery entails supporting clients to avoid relapse, stay connected to community support and work on life goals that are not related to addiction, e.g. relationships, education, work & health. My coaching is action and responsibility focused with an emphasis on improving life in the present and working on future goals.

For more information on my work with recovery click here for my biog.

Coaching for the Coach

All coaches, no matter how experienced, have issues they don’t see, communication they haven’t heard and challenges they’re not communicating. Consequently, high-quality coaching can’t be maintained by a coach acting in isolation. Regular reflection and exploration of the coaches’ work leads to them understanding their clients better, become more aware of their own responses to their clients, and enables them to understand the dynamics of client-coach interaction.

I offer coaching supervision to coaches that want to sustain best practice over time, ensuring that staleness and burnout are avoided. This supports the confidence of the coach, enabling them to make the effective interventions that they maybe wouldn’t otherwise have the courage to make.

Supervision is a  powerful and effective way of addressing a coaches own personal development: whilst the coach is working on client challenges.

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