My Psychotherapy Qualification- Applied Psychosynthesis

psychotherapy qualification applied psychosynthesisMy Psychotherapy Qualification

I have a Masters Degree in Applied Psychosynthesis which qualifies me to work as Psychotherapist.

As we move through life we meet challenges and obstacles that limit us on our journey, the essence of the psychosynthesis perspective is that, whilst on our journey, we all have a purpose. Our journeys are unique and with each step there is the potential of actualising our potential. However, as we follow our path we can get lost, led astray or fall down, we put up barriers to success and psychosynthesis recognises that those seeking support need to address and accept their destructive and negative cycles. In this process we work to uncover a deeper sense of who we are and what we can achieve, beyond the all our masks and conditioning.

Every challenge that presents itself is an opportunity for growth and development. Working as a Psychotherapy Practitioner, I recognise that my clients need the opportunity to work with, and through, the blocks and transcend the apparent limitations of their past. I believe in the clients’ ability to reconnect with their potential, their values, love and creativity. As they explore the crisis and trauma that keeps them stuck, they begin to see that there is something else, a goal, a dream and I support them in taking the steps to achieve self realisation.

In today’s fast paced and competitive world people are confronted with issues at work, problems in the family, conflicts, unhealthy social relationships, unemployment, economic and social stress, more and more we are bombarded with the pressures of living in a world of social and political crisis. This leads to feelings of anxiety, anger, aggression, and despair resulting in lack of confidence, self esteem and depression. Many of those who seek support and psychotherapy are people who are basically healthy and have the ability to function well, but who experience a sense of deep dissatisfaction with the journey they are on, a dissatisfaction with their quality of life, I often hear this described as a ‘rut’. They have a longing for fulfilment and purpose and this is their motivation to seek help.

I use the powerful maps and models of psychosynthesis to support and inform me as I work with my clients, this takes the form of one hour psychotherapy sessions and I also apply it when working with groups.